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  1. Thx Thunder, but I need to manually configurate my APN settings instead of getting them automatically from my provider. For example. I receive (APN) automatically "mworld.be" but it needs to be "iphone.mobistar" And the default ISP settings are set read-only so you can not change it... Can I change it somewhere manually? Like I said, if I change it in the registry, my connection settings are totally messed up ...
  2. First off all big thx to Daskalos for keeping the B7610 alive, I would have thrown my B7610 with the trash a long time ago if your custom roms wouldn't exist! Anyway, I am having a problem with my internet connection, it always want to connect to Telenor instead of my own provider(Mobistar Belgium) I have tried to change my connection settings in all kind of ways, but still it goes to Telenor... I can not find the Telenor configuration settings anywhere on my mobile. The only way to find it is in the registry, but if I change it there my whole connection setup is messed up :rolleyes: What can I do about this ?
  3. same sms problem here, new msgs are moved to the outbox but nothing goes out :(
  4. This is what we are all looking for ! Sense with performance !
  5. Daskalos, experiment nr35 is fast as hell, I love it !! 2 questions : I am not able to install the Samsung Camera app (found cab here : ttp://www.4shared.com/file/243917896/febb93f4/New_Samsung_Apps_for_MEGAlite_.html) Any suggestions ? Is it possible to have a taskmanager icon on top of the WM home screen ? I hate it when applications are not shutting down when pressing the "X" button...
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