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  1. Hmm, reposting again. Doesn't anyone encounter such a problem?
  2. I'll just re-post it and add that I'm running M2D Sense ROM 5 NOV 2010 Thank you again.
  3. Hello everyone, I wonder if someone has encountered my problem. Every time I play a clip or a movie it stops for some secs every 30 seconds - 1 minute. I use TCPMP and Coreplayer. Tried fiddling with the buffer or other things and codecs, but there is nothing I do, that leads to a change. Any suggestions?
  4. About 2 weeks of use now. Great, faster, stable. I can't say about battery, as I'm on unlimited data plan and it consumes all the time. I haven't tried video playback yet. I had issues with the last ROM about video, but if I encounter any problems here is the place I'll first complain. :P Nice is that S2U2 is removable. I don't like it and it doesn't go very well with Iconsoft's Spam alert, that I use(licenced). Sorry about the short post, but I really can't find anything to grumble about. :D Nice going Yonn, I hope your boss treasures your skill as we all here do :D
  5. I guess, that Yonn has get his hands one some prereleased WinMob7 copy, and now he is testing whether the drivers will get the beast running. (evil grin)
  6. Yo, guys, that's not the kind of treatment Yonn deserves. Be patient, all good stuff takes time :)
  7. Anyone having problems with video playback? The players I use are TCPMP & Core Player. The movies used are no more than 640pix resolution on the wide side. I make sure of that. The Yonn's rom is the last one, not the current. When a file is played, no matter codec, resolution or quality, as it runs smoothly every ones in a while the frame freezes. Sometimes briefly, sometimes not. It looks like the buffer levels are not ok, but I have tried more than 5 different settings from low to high and still the problem occures. Any ideas? I am abusing uncle Google now, but still no solution :)
  8. Exactly :) It seems that the 7-hour upload is taking more time than expected :lol: But we are patient :(
  9. And one more thing - is there a way to add a stand alone program in the programs list or a shortcut of it. Since it is not "properly installed" I can't get it in the customizible list and every time have to open it manualy.
  10. The "TIME" Font looks better now :P Are the 8 "home screen" icons customizible? And I am pretty sure that, despite it looks pretty enough, the bright "light" in the center is in conflict with some of the screens since the texts are white too. Maybe you should reconsider the background style. I am more "minimalistic" type of guy, but hey, if the others like it it's fine with me, as long as there are no conflicts within the apps and the layout.
  11. Sounds really annoying. I will investigate too, trying to help you.
  12. Hello everyone, I have a problem with uninstalling Resco KB on Samsung i900, WM 6.5.3, but I guess this is not device-specific. I used it for a couple of days, but I am not happy with it since I installed Swype. The first problem was when the app was on the device - it was the default keyboard after every reset. And I didn't like it that way. Some will say, that in the "options" menu there is an option to change that - well, it didn't worked for me. So I uninstalled it, installed SIPChange, and set the default keyboard. The problem comes after every soft reset. The screen bellow appears and prevents the phone interface from loading until I press "OK". Any ideas where is the bl**dy registry key, that has to be removed? I searched through the registry, but found no key or folder with the word "resco" in it :huh:
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