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  1. Sorry :D I 've read/interpreted your highlighted sentence "Hi10 Pro (z8350 - serial no HQ64) is not supported" that devices with "NO HQ64" in it`s serial aren`t supported...And mine has HQ serial.... Anyways, i will try your Lineage 12 Build :) Thank you so far for your work !
  2. Hi, i have some strange behaving on my Chuwi Hi10 PRO . In TWRP , touchscreen works flawlessly. But when i boot into OS, the touchscreen doesn`t work anymore. I have a HQ64G4216XXXXXXX serial. Patch didn't fix it. What can i do :/ ?
  3. What is that "Re-Partition" thing good for ?! I've asked a lot of people, but it seems nobody knows :/ ...
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