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  1. That must be a guiness world record for the longest post ever!
  2. I love that wallpaper but my screen goes nuts too.
  3. pre4 seems really snappy ;) but I need to install flash to use iplayer ;)
  4. When i went to the iplayer website it said I needed to download flashplayer.
  5. TweetDeck force closes after installing this, I have tried clearing data and cache but after logging in again it FC's straight away. It was fine with 1.06.5 & 1.08 with the mck r2.
  6. I've done 5 backups and 2 restores and never had a problem.
  7. I may be a bit slow but what has winzip pro got to do with the kernel?
  8. With performance pack Quadrant just gave 1782! edit: just got 2342, must have been still waking up with the earlier benchmark. edit: just got 2448 after installing 1.08, r6 without performance pack & mck r2
  9. It does work, I am using it. I couldn't figure out how to update to 1.08 with CWM installed so I just flashed it over 1.06.5. Quadrant score was just over 2000.
  10. rename the file changing the .zip to .apk and try installing it again
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