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  1. SOLUTION: Problem with the provider / SIM card When the "no service" message first appeared, a new SIM card was requested from the provider. I thought that that the SIM card was excluded as a possible error. I tried the phone with my SIM card and it worked flawlessly. No, the SIM card did not expire.
  2. Hi guys! I have a problem. I need to repair a ZTE Blade 3. I changed the LCD half a year ago so there's no warranty and I can open it again. Here's the problem: The phone can't find a provider. I tried automaticly and manual, did a reboot and a factory reset. The ROM is stock. This is the first time this problem accured. In settings -> about phone -> status i get this reading: Note the upper right corner. No signal. Wifi works. The USB port loses contact and I need to replace it. I already ordered a new one. Since it sits on the same motherbord with the antenna, maybe that's the problem. I'll check if the antenna wire is connected tommorow when I get the phone. Last time it was pretty tight on there so I don't belive it's loose. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! Thank you for this topic. My girlfriend had a similar accident. The digitizer is in one piece, but the LCD broke because the device has fallen sideways. Do I need the whole front mask/frame (link), or just the digitizer + LCD (link)? I supose the whole front frame would be easier to replace. Am I right with my assumption? One more thing. Those ebay items that I linked have a real, working LCD, right? Lol. Is the quality same as the quality of the LCD already built in? Thank you!
  4. Thank you for your help! Is this ROM the best option if I want a stable and reliable ROM? Sorry for bugging you with these questions. I read the topics but it's been long time since I flashed the ROM on my phone. I don't want to brick it.
  5. Hi guys! I bought a new micro SD card so I was thinking of rooting my phone and flashing a custom ROM in hope to get a better overall performance and new features. I had a few reboots but nothing common and dramatical. The thing that annoys me the most is the stock browser which is crashing lately. I have a few questions. I want a stabile and fully funcional ROM. Is this the best option for me? Can I go by this tutorial? http://zteblade3.com...m-from-scratch/ Can I flash the stock ROM before sending it for warranty? I have the stock ROM from the "ZTE Blade III stock ROMs" thread but I can't open the instructions. Thank you!
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