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  1. I have a Trackball alert issue : trackball color is always white, I can't get any other color :-( With light flow or Colour trackBall it seems to work
  2. Hi I've had a reboot loop this morning too, need to remove the battery to get the phone started. Was in r24 with A2SD+ , perform a full wipe to get the r25 withs A2SD+ as soon as available and install the r26 over this as soon as released. No reboot till this morning but I did not use my phone much today ;-)
  3. r25 based on 2.3.3 available !!
  4. r25 based on 2.3.3 available !!
  5. Hi, Since I've ugraded to the r24, my Nexus one reboots by itself now and then but more often after a phone call. Any idea why and how to avoid this ? Thanks, Seb
  6. Works fine from r22 with radio and A2SD to r24 without radio and A2SD+ no wipe needed Thanks Paul !
  7. Hi Paul, Thanks for asking ;-) Modified kernel with FM radio (with HTC application) WiFi thetering working battery percent in the status bar That would be great. Thanks Seb
  8. Hi, I was not able to perform an upgrade from R21 to R22, with the upgrade the phone would'nt boot (cycling on the building of the colored X). I had to wipe all, I tried by parts but nothing worked. After installing, I think, quite sure, that the internal storage has shrinked, there still only 196Mo. I can no more install all my apps :-( 196.2Mo = System Data 34.2Mo, Applications 135.2Mo, Free 26.9Mo I'm sure I had much more than that .. I have moved as many apps as possible to the SD .. of course ;-) Is this "normal" ? Thanks, Seb
  9. Just to up this thread ;-) Waiting for this release, hope Paul will be able to work on it soon. I don't really need all the sense things that come with r24, I'd rather have a simple good one as the r21 I'm running. Thanks for your work Paul !
  10. Hi, I've just received an OTA with : * Android: 2.2.1 * base band: * Kernel: [email protected] # 1 * release: FRG83 Download link : hxxp://android.clients.google.com/packages/passion/signed-passion-FRG83-from-FRF91.c8847c98.zip I've read that this release may have some problem with keyboards like Swype and correct some bug used to root the phone. Bye, Seb PS : Thread on XDA : hxxp://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=790560
  11. Hi, You have to be a registred user to use the Kitchen. Elseway you'll have to wait for the "official" release , when the WIP is finished. Everything is explained in the first and second posts of the trhread. Seb
  12. Hi Paul ! Thanks for your work ;-) Will you add FM Radio to this release too ? Thanks, Seb
  13. Hi, How can I uninstall Wavesecure ? I've installed r21 with default MoDaCo additions and A2SD and it comes with it. But uninstall is not available for Wavesecure in the system applications management. Thanks for your great job !
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