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  1. awesome thanks for that. Bookmarked:)
  2. Gday, are you planning on doing a telstra mod to the official 2.2? eg Leedroid 1.8? And does anyone have the Leedroid 1.5 telstra mod that Muskie put together for us? I found this one works the best and have a mate who now wants to do it. Cheers, Jay
  3. Cant seem to get my MMS working, either sending or downloading one that comes in. Have triple checked my APN's and no issue there. Worked fine on your 1.5 Leedroid Mod however whatever i do now doesn't work. APN's are as follows Telstra Internet APN: Telstra.wap Proxy: Port: 80 MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 505 MNC: 01 Authentication: CHAP APN Type: Default Telstra.mms MMSC: http://mmsc.telstra.com:8002 MMS Proxy: MMS Port: 80 MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 505 MNC: 01 Authentication Type: CHAP APN Type: MMS Could someone who has confirmed MMS working on the Leedroid v1.6 Telstra Mod please post their APN's? My internet is working fine, can access the unmetered telstra content, foxtel, data usage etc etc. Thanks in advance, Jay
  4. had trouble installing APNdroid last night but tried a couple more times and it worked. Have set it up now. Going to tether it to my computer and start downloading to test the cut off as it gets reset tomorrow
  5. I'm with Telstra over in oz, I can log check my usage via their homepage type thing on my phone, but think something that can cut off the 3G automatically would be a handy safeguard for lots of people
  6. Righto, after a good look in the market last night, I can't find anything thats exactly what I'm after. Going to put the idea out there so hopefully some developer picks it up and makes it happen. Basically its like the 3G watchdog, but instead of just monitoring the 3G usage and giving you a warning when you get close to your data allowance, I'd like an app that i can program with my monthly billing period and data allowance, for example, 28th June - 28th July with 500mb Data. When the 500mb is reached within a billing period, it automatically cuts off the 3G connection to the network, or just changes the APN's. Come the start of the new month it restarts the 3G with another 500mb of usage. Another handy little feature would be to program it to turn off 3G overnight, when the screen is off etc etc. I know there is a few apps out there like JuiceDefender and APNdroid that do something along those lines, but i can't seem to install them and they look rather complicated. Just a nice user friendly app to set the billing period, monthly data allowance, auto cut off and 3G off overnight kind of thing Any thoughts?
  7. thanks muskie! Perfect combination. Been using leedroid rom for a few weeks and now you've tweaked it for my telstra handset! Works great. Cheers, Jay
  8. Yep same same. Download the app called Handcent sms, you'll be able to send and receive good quality picture msg's then. I've just downloaded it and its now my primary msg app
  9. Righto downloaded the Handcent app and it works a treat. MMS size is up to 250kb, good quality screen sized pic.
  10. I've had a look at a Desire straight out of the box from telstra and its the same. So it may just come down to the big F you... Will see what i can scrape up. If I manage to fix it I'll post up what I've done. Jay
  11. might be worth keeping and sharing to help return to stock telstra rom for warranty purposes
  12. Gday everyone, I have been browsing alot of pages looking for a fix to my MMS problem, I can send and receive them fine, however when i snap a photo on my camera and then send it over to a MMS, it shrinks it down to a ridiculous 10-15kb. I've rooted my phone with the r6-desire-root-alt and then updated the Telstra A8183 ROM. I've got all my APN's correct and working great, and have confirmed its an issue on a stock Telstra desire. Does anyone out there have and tips to increase the size of the actual pic i attach? My max mms size is 600kb so it seems a waste not to use it. Cheers, Jay
  13. maybe also worth noting that according to the speedtest.net app, my download rate is 2.45Mbps and upload 1.05Mbps. This seems to be about my average. Very happy with this as its matching my prepaid telstra usb.
  14. Successfully loaded this ROM, phone is now reporting as A8183, updated my APN names to access my data usage, can send and receive MMS, however when i attach a pic to the mms it shrinks it to 14KB. Is there a fix for this? Also, phone memory before the MCR Telstra Mod was 125mb, now down to 70mb. Am i meant to wipe the original root i did using the goldcard or is 70mb normal after the telstra mod?
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