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  1. cant you get that 2nd sim thats meant for an ipad and just shove it into your streak? im sure that will work (but yes a data only plan should work) ive heard people using the ipad sim for data only on other devices. the only thing you need to do is set up the apn's so i dont see why you couldn't use it as a data only device
  2. just follow the steps for a normal bricked streak. im using one of those samples and so far every instruction online works no problems for me. why dont you try and load the 4399 again?
  3. ive been looking for replacement housings for my streak but nothing so far. most ive seen replacement parts wise are battery, back battery cover and lcd screen. (all on ebay)
  4. cant help you out but since u are already on 2.2 why dont you just use a memory card reader for now to update
  5. maybe you should play around with it stock first. im personally sticking with steve.. so far its been like an update a week which is great!
  6. hey, someone else try this. instead of pressing the menu icon to bring up the menu swipe up. the icon dissapears forever. along with the two quicklaunch icons beside it pretty annoying as i use a milestone as my secondary and i keep having to restart the streak.
  7. anyone else thinks booting up time is way slower then before? (although once booted up its crazy fast..)
  8. yepp mine did the same.. reboot with vol up and down press and restore it and tada it will work (booting takes a long long time)
  9. follow this guide. its what i used and easy to understand http://android.modaco.com/content/dell-str...ing-the-streak/
  10. are you saying you cant install drivers? if it is then you are supposed to go to device manager and right click on the andrioid 1.0 press update driver software then browse my computer for driver software, then let me pick from a list, android phone, android bootloader interface it will say its not meant for it or something like that put just click update anyway
  11. oh ok, it works for me when i input the address...
  12. i ordered one from this one on ebay will let post pics and stuff when it arrives. the seller messaged me saying they werent happy with the case so they are redesigning it and will send it to me oct 10th http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...#ht_2198wt_1184
  13. lol obviously didnt read the whole thread.. and neither did the guy saying enjoy the 20 beers.. as he doesnt drink... (which i understand because i dont either) wishing you the best of luck hyde. once ur rom is done my streak will come out of retirement lol..
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