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  1. I'll be in the minority then in saying JPC was rubbish. Noticeably slower and crashed far more often than previous eclair firmwares, I'm really wondering why this gets the praise it does. I flashed it twice, making sure to wipe everything and start from fresh, do all of the factory resets folks recommended. Ultimately though it was sluggish and clunky, even with the lag fix, and it was as unstable as the original firmware on the phone, maybe worse. I'm now on JM7 and that is FAR superior. I've got to wonder where all the praise for JPC comes from, but for me, on my phone it was utter s*** TBH. Although not an expert, I'd like to think I was experienced enough in flashing my phone by now to know that I wasn't doing anything wrong here either... and since the likes of JM7 worked perfectly from the bat seems to confirm it. Definitely a case of "the emperors new clothes" for me.
  2. Spot on post. Most people (me included) dont give a toss about benchmarks, they just want a good user experience. I'm still on JG1 with the lag fix at the moment. I was all for going to JM2, ROM and SD card fix, but after spending 2 hours wondering WTF my SD card wouldnt even partition (despite following all of the guides to the letter, and having over 10 years IT experience in my job and more as a "hobby"), I've just left it alone. It works well enough. If it wasn't for these forums (here, XDA, SGS forums) I would have sold my SGS a while back and gone back to the iphone.... the advice of these forums has made my phone useable. However, I have no desire to flash new firmware every week. I may well just wait until Froyo is final before I flash... As the old saying goes "if it ain't broke...." (although the fact I feel like I can't install any large game or app is slightly annoying for now (due to the lag fix), and part of the reason for me trying the SD fix, but I'm buggered if I'm going to spend many more hours trying to partition an SD card!) I think I am becoming more like average joe with each passing year, and average joe wants something that works, works well, and isn't any hassle. Hence why the iphone is so popular - most average joe don't care that its "limited".
  3. I think you've misunderstood. Basically, in the music player when displaying the cover art when phone is held in portrait mode it appears blocky, even when the cover art is of a high resolution, so it looks as though its just upsizing a thumbnail if you see what I mean. I think it may be the same for the contacts as well but I've not got that far with tweaking my phone yet. In the gallery though, I've noticed you can't get the full detail of your photos in there. I put some 5mp photos in there that I took with a compact camera and they don't show anywhere near as much detail as the picture actually have when you zoom in... a little annoying, so I'm going to batch convert them all to half the size to gain a few extra mb's on the card, seems pointless using all that space if you can't see the detail.
  4. I still can't get my market to show all apps. Ran the speed up script and then the JF5 script. Installed Market Enabler, and put in the number given a few pages back. Still no joy. Finally tried going to Manage Apps, and then clearing cache and removing update, reboot, still no joy. Any ideas? Also WaveSecure keeps force closing on me every time i boot the phone up.
  5. No set CPU program is installed, and yes it is charged up... it did it last night when I was out, wanted to check the time (wasn't wearing a watch), phone didnt respond, took the battery out, switched it back on, still had well over half the battery left. I've just put R2 ROM on so I'll see if that helps.
  6. Anyone else have this problem? Twice in as many days now, I've gone to use my phone and had to remove the battery to make it work again, it just went to sleep and didn't wake up. Very annoying. JG1 has fixed a lot of my performance woes, but it now does this. :)
  7. Yes I've noticed this too... its as though the phone is just upsizing the thumbnails. Really irratating especially on a phone with such a good screen too. I'm afraid I don't know of a fix though.
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