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  1. Indeed! I was beginning to think I might have to delete Modaco out of my Favourites soon. Rejoice!
  2. So is there really nowhere I can buy an official extended battery? That is really poor, this phone is barely more than a year old!
  3. A month or so ago, I ordered a BP E271 official extended battery and cover for the Compact IV from expansys. Today I see it has been discontinued! I have looked around, and cannot see it anywhere! Does anyone know where I might be able to find an official battery? My phone is bloody useless with the standard one!
  4. I have never had any particular problems, so I guess if you did, the only way to know if they are fixed is to try it! :(
  5. Unless I am misunderstanding what you mean, I do not get sound lag either :(
  6. Tom, I am really liking this, and am most impressed with your progress and updates! Well done, and thanks! :(
  7. You will need to determine the GPS Hardware port that is correct for your particular phone, do the applications that work not tell you the settings they are using?
  8. Would you credit that! I missed that, sorry! It does work as it should. This really is an excellent application, and will definately get me into Geocaching. It is something I have been vaguely interested in for a little while, but never bothered to properly follow it through. This all-in-one solution is absolutely fantastic!
  9. Although it has been seen on phones returned from repair, T-Mobile UK have not yet released an official version for download!
  10. That is the old ROM, and is very poor. T-Mobile have since been sending phones back from repair with an official T-Mo 1.93 ROM on, although I haven't seen anywhere to download it yet. I would seriously consider using a non-standard cooked rom though, much better than the operator roms.
  11. Oh ok, cool. Most people have it installed anyway, since the number of applications using it are growing - might prove easier in the long run!
  12. One request, if I may? Would it be possible to include an option to change the default web browser? I would much rather use the built-in Opera on my diamond, rather than IE :(
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