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  1. As I know, the zImage for ISO, is not the same for the partition. it is changed. As the B7610 zImage is different from the I8000 zImage, I just can't use the zImage which attached to the I8000 ISO folder. and also I can't use the zImage from rev98 since it is made for partition one but not ISO version. Sorry for my bad English. Thanks so much for everything you had done for B7610.
  2. still no news........... is there an ISO for our b7610 to use android? as i know, many versions of ISO is available to i8000 for android.
  3. Thinking maybe this should be report. I fomated my sdcard and reinstalled the whold android, only using the REV98, and compass doesn't work. i restart, the same. so i using the REV96, restart, compass doesn't work neither. it can't rotate.
  4. i'm thinking maybe it's because my WMrom's version that makes my camera never works in android. i ll flash my WMrom and try android camera again
  5. That's very strange. My comera works very well in Winmo. but it never works in my android.
  6. my camera never works in android(beta1,2,3). The application Camera (process com.android.comera) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. i used the rev87 and latest version of android
  7. well the beta3 is very good. it would be better if the camer work, the wifi work, and the keyboard light turn off. if these tree issues are fixed, i think i will use android 24 hours a day.
  8. really expect for that. i opened this site: http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/updates/list ten times a day. much thanks to you
  9. text message works very fine with my B7610. FROYO-2D3D-V51, that's all... maybe you can try some app, that help sometime
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