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    Liquid E LCRF 1.1.2
  1. If I would revert to this from CM9, is there anything special to think about regarding the reverting/flashing? I have a Liquid E, and as to my understanding I could still use Clockworkmod for nandroid and flashing.
  2. With my Liquid E I have aprox 82 % left when I go to bed... Moderate usage.
  3. Great rom and work! But my ringtone don't repeat, just rings one time, and no more just vibrations.
  4. Any news regarding LN 1.9.3/2.0.0? Several things in the later nightly builds of CM7 of interest.
  5. Again freezes when syncing Spotify.... But still the only problem for me so far.
  6. Seems perfect for my E so far. 1190 smartassv2, less than 1% / h. 'll just check now how SDHC works ...
  7. Good to hear master Lens_flare :rolleyes: What are the insignificant bugs then? :)
  8. Have you tried the easy installer provided by Malez?
  9. What are the bug (port based) as of 1.7.1? And who does the porting now? :)
  10. I did it after I flashed 1.5, but I still got dead soft keys despite 1.9.3 and had to 'set' them again in order to bring them to life. It happened after a 15 min call. I will write if it happeneds again :rolleyes:
  11. Still problems with soft keys after 1.5 with full wipe...
  12. What CM7 build is this ROM based on? Looks like the Nexus One N105 fixes the battery icon drain and that N107 implements a better DSP manager. Would be nice with N107... :)
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