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  1. Go Backup does the same, you can find it on the play store
  2. I am fully aware of that, but that feature on instagram I can't live without it. The 720p rec isn't that smooth on my Y300 anyways.
  3. Ok i managed to fix my instagram issues, I just flash a stock media_profile.xml and it worked fine. So I guess the modded one to make the phone rec 720p has some flaws
  4. Anyone having problems with instagram when trying to rec a video with it, mine says "error connecting with camera"
  5. I don't understand why people still has problem with twrp since their 2.6 update touchscreen been working fine.
  6. Easy just flash this, will make phone take regular factory resolution no matter what cam app u have in ure system/app partition. http://db.tt/F7Xbz6V1
  7. Great rom tillaz, ure a genius. It's a really nice every day use rom, some minor bugs, but hell I can live with them, since i can't go back stock, my options were custom roms, so far this one is the best! Keep up the good work mate!
  8. wish I could buy from market :P my country is yet to be fully supported by Microsoft. It's not fair since every PC here is on Windows bahhh
  9. Thnx for the reply awarner, looking forward an software upgrade in the near future for my HD7 :P
  10. Hey guys, I recently bought an unlocked T-mobile branded HD7 in the states, It works well in the country I live. But now my question is. If I got my HD7 debranded or if I flash another firmware on it, will my device relock back???? I'm really unsure if I want to flash my HD7 in the future when updates pops out. Replies really appreciated.
  11. the reason is because u didn't flash it the official way, it also happens with 2.1 ROMS in .bin format when flashing with acer download tool
  12. can it be uploaded somewhere else, thnx :P
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