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  1. I am the member of this forum. There are many custom ROMs, most of them are Polish only. The thread about Android is related to the same project we discuss right here. So, it is nothing special, just a few news from 4pda.ru and some theories of programming the Android. We are not working on our own project :D
  2. You may be right. I used the trick to add the shortcuts once and it worked. What I still don't understand is the calendar tab, there is no such tab in Manila 2D. And, as I said, not all the screenshots show the same ROM. There are two different types of Manila or two skins. There can be some differences between "normal" Sense and the one in this "ROM". Why? because of the resolution. All the graphics must have been scaled to the resolution 4x smaller than WVGA. So we have 2 options: 1) it's manila 2D with calendar tab and action screen, is it possible? 2) it's manila 2,5 scaled to WQVGA (it needs a lot of work, but it can be done)
  3. And here the other version. It's 2.0.1 recompiled with some files from Froyo. Some games included and more apps work. Enjoy! http://rapidshare.com/files/444859359/froyo.rar
  4. Do you mean that touchscreen does'nt work at all? It is strange. It bounces for me, but works. But with the newest build it's not a problem. However, this new version has the less responsible screen....
  5. Maybe you should try ro run it about 3-5 times. It never works by the first time, but later it loads very fine. Try to format your SD-card to FAT32, too. It is not a problem if you have files on your card, but first format it and then copy your files. I tried it and worked for me.
  6. There is the Omnia Lite port of the Android. It's made by Russian and it's in the alfa stage, but works go fine so far. Here is the original thread: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=169301 I tried all the releases and they work good. Hope it will be useful.
  7. Hi, I have got the Samsung Omnia Lite. I found the exchange ad. on Polish forum. I want to give someone my Omnia and some additional money in exchange for the Omnia Pro B7610. However, I don't know how much should I pay, how much is it worth. Could you please help me solve my problem?
  8. Swype is the best for me ;) Before I started using it, writing messages have been very hard for me... But now it's very fast and simple. But if you don't like T9, Swype is not for you... Hovewer, I didn't like T9, too.
  9. No, I am sure it's Manila 2.5. Can you see the shortcuts under the calendar link on the main page? Moreover, there are not visible on the screenshot 3., so there are not from the same ROM, I suppose. Manila 2.0 don't have Calendar Tab, too. It's 2.5 for sure. I am using touch flo 2.0 now B)
  10. Furthermore, it seems to be not possible to run Sense 2.5 on our Lite. Maybe someone ported it to WQVGA resolution, but in this case why didn't he post the .cab file itself? That very strange and it's one more reason to think it's simply a fake. But if you understand Chinese, maybe you'll find more interesting information about this "new ROM".
  11. I think it's not true. It is not possible to run the same ROM on 2 different devices, 2 processors. I will not try this ROM, because I fear it may break my device. However, maybe there is someone who could test the ROM.
  12. There is one very good solution. You need to change some entries i registry. Use SK Tools f.e. and go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> System --> GWE --> Touch --> Filter and change Minimal tap time. Try to find proper time. I use 30 but I need very sensitive screen. Remember to soft reset your Lite after every change!
  13. I know one ROM you're looking for. It's Polish ROM, so can be unuseful for you... But it exists.: http://eomnia.net/showthread.php?tid=7612
  14. It's a problem of all the ROMs with WM 6.5.x. Omnia II has the same problem on some ROMs. There is one solution if you want to use WM 6.5.x. You can install non-Samsung dialer. A am using Iconsoft PhoneEX and i have never had the vibration problem. You can flash WM 6.5 ROM, too, where no one had the problem.
  15. I tried to make it working on my Omnia Lite but I can't... Do you have any idea why after installing proper drivers there is no option in settings?
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