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  1. I use ADW all the time, loads of free widgets for adw. I'd use launcher pro, but like you say, all extras cost... so a bit pointless. I do wish ADW would increase to 10x10 or 10x8
  2. Me too DELL sync no longer works... and I used it to back-up prior to 2.1! was hoping to restore using that.. DELL needs to rethink their testing. I like the vol buttons. IMO if you think about it.. on 1.6 the buttons were reversed. In portrait down was down but in landscape down was Up! always bugged me. Now, down is down no matter the orientation.
  3. After DELL lockup screen - now 2.1 working agree with others, appears defo slower.
  4. Your are a star... mine's been like it for 24hrs Many thanks for the fix... lifesaver
  5. I've just reloaded the pre-packed roms and the phone feels twice as fast. I'll check which one it is when I get home tonight. Still can't get the recovery loader to work in rom manager and it crashes the phone if I try and doo a backup. Could one of the experts tell me why every time I load a ROM - in recovery mode I get MISC: errors ie Not exist What is MISC: used for??
  6. Yep me too. oem v3883 1.8.x works fine anything higher gives black screen Stick with 1.8 at least it works
  7. I've finally got there. Paul's custom ROM installed 4399 although my oem ver is 3883 Koush recover ver has to be I'm using stock 4339 r1 I have noticed that 4399 is slower than my 3883 oem build? any particular reason why? running 4339 the is a noticable lag on selecting home or changing pages I still have a problem with ROM manager, it always says recovery failure gives three options recovery mode is broken ROM manager doesnt reboot Other So I still must have somehting thats wrong Any ideas
  8. Black screen I can get, lol Thats prob where I was going wrong. I downloaded all the files again (without the 2.x) and I'm getting a bit further now. How do I tell if the ROM has installed correctly? cheers
  9. Yes, I've tried that and get to the first menu, choose upgrade from SD and.... nothing just a blank screen. (upgrade.zip is located in the root of the SD card) Tried using boot manager and tried boot to loader, boot to recovery, all they do is reboot the device! Basically, I have root and that's it I must be missing something along the way I can flash and rebuild an iPhone in minutes, this thing is driving me nuts!! [update] 22:27 started from scratch. Now I've got into nandroid and done backup An error saying it can't find MISC - is this critical? before I cause any damage?
  10. I try the above and get image downloaded .... I assume everything is ok.. But I cant get into the recovery mode. I've copied the upgrade zip file and called it Update.zip and put it in the sd card root. I get a blank screen and nothing happens when I execute the upgrade.apk on SD car Any help appreciated. Dax
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