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  1. This should be it from my old cab collection. smartcon.CAB
  2. Verizon is my only option here the others are lucky to have roaming coverage, well there's a few regional carriers but their plans and phone deals suck. But if that wasn't the case I've heard some rumors about altell and getting grandfathered in with better deals from att when the buyout is complete...but that was just rumors.
  3. Ahh it's too bad I've switched pones now, got a hold of an old original droid I've been using for about a week now, I really miss the elegance of winmo sense on your beta version the final should be even better. But I may be giving my O2 to my little sister(depending on if my parents want to add the additional data to her plan) and I'll try it out still, though I'd probably end up using one of your lighter roms for her since sense is so heavy and not for the "amateur" user.
  4. bmt10

    Omnia 2 Bricked?

    What do you mean by the phone wont turn on? That it the screen remains blank? That it goes past the Omnia 2 logo then nothing? That it wont show any response? When you plug it into a computer what happens on the phones screen?
  5. Media player is touch player, it's just different names depending on the particular rom installed on your phone, there are different versions of the player but I do not believe they are dependent on the naming scheme. You can disable auto rotation from SKtools, but this will also prevent etiquette mode from working.
  6. That would be greatly appreciated :) It probably wouldn't boot, or if it did you wouldn't have any functions that work except for maybe the camera or fm radio, there's quite a few differences between the two versions of the O2. I don't think it would brick though the only thing you would flash would be the pda and you can always flash a i8000 pda over it.
  7. I don't understand the editor in sense, the only time I was able to get it to work was while running the gtx theme but I don't understand what could change in just a theme. I don't see that as limited, the only tabs I use are email, messages, calendar and weather...I can't stand the HTC music player even running on HTC devices and really have no reason to have any of the other stuff on my home screen. Perhaps you could release a light version with that extra bit of speed, but only if you have the time for it of course.
  8. You can delete both S2U2 and battclock from the start up menu in your windows folder and they wont run anymore, but you can't fully remove programs cooked into a rom. For battclock you can also run and close it at any time by just running the exe. This thread deals with re-adding the samsung lock to roms, this post in particular has a link to the files to add back in manually, but I haven't tried any of it.
  9. Did you try simply plugging one into it then removing to see if that fixes it? I've heard several cases where just that did the trick.
  10. That's gotta be a major battery drainer if you're the type who texts often enough to do it while walking everywhere.
  11. I think it might of just been you or only be affecting some people, I decided on a whim to run the DG21 updater and was able to flash both your DG21 Sense and Stock PDAs as well as Ninjas one. This was after I updated to the first DG21 and then flashed my PDA back to the stock and ran the new DG21 update, if that might have anything to do with it
  12. That would be the sense player, I haven't used it much but as far as I know there is no easy way to navigate the songs list in it. I personally don't care for the HTC media player at all even when it's running on actual HTC devices. There should also be another labeled either Touch Player or Media Player, this is the samsung one and in the song list here you should be able to drag the scroll bar on the right of the screen down and it will scroll through songs by their starting letter, though it can be fairly laggy and requires very gentle movements to get to exactly where you want to go. Though that doesn't work in the now playing list only when browsing through the library. Then there's the default Windows Media player which when in a song listing you can just press the keyboard icon and type in "N" and it will bring up all songs that start with a N, or you can type in part of the songs title and it will bring up matches. But windows media is not very finger friendly at all. Overclocking means setting your CPU to run at faster speed then what it's set to from the factory, this can make things smoother on your phone but will reduce battery life a bit, you also have to find the right speed that works for you and your programs or else it will cause lock ups. The default speed is 800mhz and I overclock mine to 900 and I find it works with any program I use, some people do set it higher though. I know both Steel and AMD include custom scripts to overclock, they should be in a folder labeled overclock in your start menu, but I prefer to use this program, it's not very pretty but I haven't had any problems with it.
  13. Which media player are you talking about? The windows media player lets you open up the keyboard and type in songs name but the samsung touch player doesn't for some reason, I don't think the sense music player will let you either. Anyways if you're not already overclocking your phone you should especially when running sense.
  14. It said that the download was uncompleted when you run the cab? What download? Are you installing it to main storage or my storage or a card, it should be installed to your main storage. You could try copying the cab over to the phone again and/or downloading it again it might of gotten corrupted, make sure to do a "safely remove drive" option when disconnecting. This thread covers flashing roms on a i920.

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