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  1. You can't control it like FROYO a2sd. FROYO uses the FAT32 partition and it knows where the apps are so thats why you are allowed to move apps between internal and external memeory but this original a2sd and a2sd+ uses your ext3 partition instead so it is completely transparent to the internal memory of your phone so it think it is a part of the internal memeory. I don't know a gr8 about how it works but I am pretty sure you're better off with 2GB max because even with a2sd+ or a2sd data and cache will be stored in internal memory. Even If you're planning to install an HD rom you are pretty much ok with 2GB partition :) so don't waste that much of memeory for an ext3 partition. back to the original question "Can you control it?" Nope. Paul has put some scripts to do it so next time when you install something it goes directly to your ext3 partition (just like that :) ) except the data and cache of course.
  2. I've seen this with R9 ROM so I did this. make sure you do this in recovery mode ( assuming you don't have S-OFF) mount -o remount,rw /system cd /system/media ln -s /data/local/bootanimation.zip Then copy what ever boot animation you want to that local dirrectory :P
  3. Yeah it must be the missing symlink between /system/customize/ and data/local
  4. yeah if you havent rooted it why bother just send it back let them do the magic :)
  5. I must say this font pack only allows you to read things it will render Hebrew for you but if you're looking for type in then you must install a Hebrew keyboard as well which I don't know whether exists :)
  6. did it atleast put that notification on the info bar saying you have low disk space?
  7. well use Android Commander reboot phone in recover and run this app. it will provide you a GUI to do most of the stuff including delete :)
  8. Thanks FatherD and David this is gr8 I am using the transparent one and I love it. :)
  9. 1. Minor - can't change the damn boot animation after installing the R9 ROM. it comes up with android logo always. Tried replacing the bootanimation.zip in /data/local manually but still comes up with that android logo :)
  10. can do it when the phone is on recovery mode but how about cooking a new rom with what you want I am pretty sure you can deselect those stock apps in the kitchen :)
  11. navodwickra


    If you don't have a2sd or a2sd+ installed on your current ROM then you don't have to do anything because there is nothing on your SD-ext3 partition. Once you flash with the new ROM it will do it automatically on the first boot and it will take 10-15 mins.
  12. remove gmail.apk from /system/app (use recovery or android commander) and install it from the market place. Once you install the app it will allow you to add a gmail account :)
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