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  1. This is the crappiest phone i've ever had. Custom ROMs do make a small change, but overall the phone just sucks. I've been using it for three months now and already i'm buying another (android) phone. I've learned from my lesson, NEVER to buy another windows based phone again.
  2. Can't wait for this one, the Sense interface works good but it's a bit slow for me.. Hope this one is way faster! I donated a few bucks :D
  3. Yeah, it's above the pin button. Just press it and wait, you'll see...
  4. Any "updates" on this ROM? Working fantastic so far, could use a speedboost at some menus though... I've been using it since the beginning and aren't having that many problems at all...
  5. Install Samsung Settings.cab http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1336191 Also Daskalos, is it normal for the screen to have low colors? I mean the pictures look ok, but in real life the colors aren't 16bit..
  6. Chill out, i'm just letting him know if there's something wrong...
  7. Been using it for a day now and everything is working perfectly! Three questions however: Is it possible to change the lock screen? Are there more skins/themes? Is it possible to use "hacks" that we're made for the original Sense? Thanks for everything man, my phone started to get boring lol. Now i can't stop looking at it!
  8. Just flashed my Omnia with this ROM, first ROM flash ever. Everything works pretty good so far, i will post in here if i find anything. So far i want to thank daskalos VERY much! This really is awesome, thanks bro!
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