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  1. Why don't we use Softweg Benchmark and look at the total file system score? I have very random results there, ranging from below 100 up to 290. Before the fix I had maximum 230 so there is definitely a I/O speed up albeit a bit random.
  2. Yikes, that worked for me as well, thanks for the tip! Waited five minutes and suddenly it continued. I got a score of 1650. It would be nice to find a solution anyway because something is clearly not working as it should.. Best Regards, Fredrich
  3. Hi, sorry to confuse you but I am not talking about the advanced version of Quadrant. The "GPS Test" was just one of the other programs that started to act funny after the fix. eBuddy is behaving the exact same way. I save my credentials and settings and all seems fine, but after a reboot its all wiped clean and I have to do it again. My guess is that if you are having the Quadrant problem with he test getting stuck at 3/4 of the I/O tests, then you might have the same problems with saving settings. Could anyone verify this correlation? Best Regards, Fredrich
  4. I am using an old sandisk 2GB with two equal sized partitions, partition 1 FAT32 and partition 2 EXT4. I checked the links and to my knowledge this is correct? ls -l /system/media -> lrwsrwsrwt root root 2010-07-15 16:34 media -> /disk/media ls -l /data/data -> lrwsrwsrwt root root 2010-07-15 12:14 data -> /disk/data Btw, is this really correct? Something looks odd with the link in here doesn't it? cd /system/media ls -l -rw-r--r-- root root 56356 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_75.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57200 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_40.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56704 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_60.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57372 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_45.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56232 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_90.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56360 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_95.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 53708 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_100.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 747328 2010-07-13 18:58 bootsamsungloop.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 4657372 2010-07-13 18:58 bootsamsung.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 58176 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_25.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57396 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_50.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57764 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_20.qmg drwxr-xr-x root root 2010-07-13 18:58 audio -rw-r--r-- root root 57984 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_15.qmg drwxr-xr-x root root 2010-07-13 18:58 video -rw-r--r-- root root 55696 2010-07-13 18:58 Disconnected.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57924 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_35.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56860 2010-07-13 18:58 chargingwarning.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 58556 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_10.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57956 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_5.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56704 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_65.qmg lrwxrwxrwx root root 2010-07-15 18:20 media -> /disk/media -rw-r--r-- root root 56300 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_80.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56260 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_85.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56844 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_55.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 56568 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_70.qmg -rw-r--r-- root root 57556 2010-07-13 18:58 battery_charging_30.qmg
  5. Hmm, found out another thing that does not seem right since I applied V4. Some programs does not retain the settings after a reboot. Quick test for anyone who have the same problem with Quadrant as I had; try to change settings in GPS test and then reboot to see if the settings are gone..
  6. Hi, did you find a solution for this? I have the same problems qith Quadrant staying in I/O phase 3 test. Installed v4 with ext4 and everything seemed to go as it should. I have no other problems at all and when running Softweg Benchmark my "Total file system score" usually goes to about 280, which is 60-70 higher than before the fix. Is there a good way of checking that everything is installed and patched correctly?

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