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  1. I drop the phone and the phone turn off. Now I try to run it on but the display blink and make one beep and restart. Sometimes run and when I hold it a little bit harder around the display and the phone turns off. I open it to see in somewhere is disconnect from the MB but nothing. My last phone was the same and I didnt fix it. Now the same I think. What can be the hardware problem? MB? Memory? Edit: Now I try to run it on the lamp left from the speaker blink RED. Edit: I make Clear Storage from the menu but the same problem. I try and HARD RESET now but I think the results will be the same... Now I think the problem is from hardware. Someone have an idea what can will be? Edit: HARD RESET do the same(nothing). I will make this with the
  2. Sorry I make new topic. I wan to make a replay not a new. Sorry.
  3. I have problem with one of my phones. I have Qtec 8310 and the phone when I start it on the phone start to reset himself... Restart after restart, restart after restart. Only restarts. What I need to do to fix it? When I wanna connect it to the PC(I use Widows 7) the lap top don`t recognized the phone... I don`t know what to do. Help me please. After the hard reset the phone stop restarting but blocked...
  4. Hey folks. I have two Qtec 8310 and one of them have problem. When I wana turn it on the phone start to restarting himself. Only start the picture HTC Innovatoin and thats all... And again and again... I dont know if I put a new ROM will fix this problem. I dont know what is the problem. What you think about the problem. I know this topic is old, but I dont found something better in Google :) And what is the latest version of the firmware? Now I am with:
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