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  1. Hi i'm revitalizing my phone, i cracked the screen, just got a new one (two years later lol) and got a new 1500mah battery as the old one is now at like half capacity! and im optimizing it for ONLY texting and calling, as i will use it as a business phone on pay as you go... i have yet to see a hard case that you can click the phone into, or a screen protector! also running FTB cm6.1 mod, and most of my apps give me error code 110 when i try and install! any ideas lol! its pretty smooth and fast and very battery friendly as i took out most of the apps i dont need from the rom and replaced them with lighter apps (keyboard etc) using apps2rom but yeah.. would be nice :)
  2. lol no worries, all the links are provided by the developer of this rom in the first post. he mentions that one is firmware, and one is a zip of the nandroid recovery. basically the nandroid recovery was failing on boot.img when i try restore, so what i did was install the firmware to get the boot img on my device (and no customization) then restored all the other img files apart from boot and it worked for me!
  3. Hey Everyone, its been a while since i been here! but decided to mess around with my old u8220 again, here is a WORK AROUND FOR RECOVERY ERROR for U8220 what you need: Firmware zip (from this rom)nandroid recovery zip (to be extracted) how to make it work EXTRACT the nand recovery zip as said for this ROM to sdcardCOPY the firmware to sdcardFLASH firmware from recoveryADVANCED RECOVER all but boot in recovery (cwm > backup and restore > advanced restore ) My MD5 sums were fine but it kept failing at boot.img, so i used the original firmware to get the boot.img installed and the base system. then simply recovered all the changed made from the recovery given :) HAPPY DAYS!
  4. [] i got the ace last week its been amazing til now, it is on 2.3.3 in the box, and i rooted it and added custom recovery for future use, when i am listning to music (just got a 16gb class 10 card) it plays absolutely fine, but once the device tries to sleep (screen timeout or lock button) it jumps for about 100ms (no sound) and does this for about 1 second, and continues to play as normal. and the same happens when i wake the device, its pretty annoying now that i have a 16gb sd card and spend £150 on this phone lol ive noticed its not so bad without headphones, today the ace had no music player playing, and i had headphones in, and some music is playing out of the loudspeaker. do you think this sounds like a hardware fault? anyone else have this problem? or working on another stable rom (2.3 if possible) EDIT: I think i may have diagnosed the problem, i had 'root helper' enabled on the app widgetlocker, ive turned it off and just running widgetlocker without root functions and there is less lag. i may post to the developer then with this
  5. good point, but yeah i got the ace, its VERY nice, i had problems at first use with huawei but that was 2 years ago.... and technology evolves exponentially lol, so tbh all phones are prob about the same now (in that price range)
  6. ive just got myself a 16gb class 10 card it works wonders, basically i have gingerbread using the stock apps to sd, is there a way i can mount a specific folder and not the entire device? so that app data stored on the sd card can still be used. its not nescessary, just would be nice =] galaxy ace, 2.3.3 ;) also is there a way to limit the size for a particular folder, say i want the music folder to only be max 10gb, and the 4gb for apps/photos etc or a way to have multiple fat32 partitions
  7. Hey i am an owner of a 2 year contract with t mobile - huawei u8220, which broke down last year, so i got pulse mini, which became unusable with a sim after 4 months and now i need a new phone for the remainder of my contract im looking for a phone which is available on T-mobile as pay as you go, which has a case with a build in battery i could buy for it... atm ive looked at samsung galaxy ace as its dropped in about £100 so far. but have not found a case with an external battery i want it to last atleast a day as i will pass this phone onto my brother any other ideas, also i want 2.3 or one with a stable cyanogen mod of 2.3 if anyone knows! im looking at the same time, but my pulse is really dragging my down on reliability, its not receiving texts properly and is laggy as hell! (CM7 experimental but i dnt wnna lose 2.3 lol) thanks :) EDIT: Decision over... i got the ace :)
  8. Hey guys, is this still in development? Just installed it today, so far so good, apart from that sometimes the drop down bar on the home screen will not pull (calibration?), and most of all now i can use 3.5 g =D just realised that now! edit: .... its coz i got fat fingers lol... never affected me before tho... if i use my nail on my pinky it works fine!! edit2: ... it seems to work when i do it fast (never happened on other roms) any way to slow this down?
  9. ah yeah maybe, if its still under warranty i would phone them up and tell them its not the battery... so they hopefully take it for re pare or replace it
  10. LOL im in the same boat, have a pulse, but i broke the glass on the front, so have the pulse mini as a replacement.. god damn phones so expensive tho =[ desire z i seen around 350-400, but over ebay 250... but do i trust an ebay phone.... hmm
  11. apparently on the sony ericsson x10 mini pro, i read if you charge from about 5% battery, with the phone off to 100%, it takes longer than if the phone is on and running, but you get a longer life out of it... maybe this could apply to the mini? i have yet to try it because im always using it xD, but see if it works p.s. switch off 3g whenever its not in use i find that helps or perminantly switch to 2g only to save battery and always have internet reduce the backlight power my pulse lasts about 11 hours (when not gaming, only texting/ a few calls)
  12. hi all, im not sure if its the low hardware spec causing this to happen, but from time to time, when someone tries calling(about 2x a week this problem occurs): only rings for 2 out of 10 rings for the last 2 rings phone hangs while trying to answer once answered, call displays as missed OR someone rings until my voicemail, I wont recieve any call still recieve missed call OR no missed call at all (more of an issue with pulse mini) Pulse - 2.2 CM6 mini - 2.1 FZF Both on T-mobile UK anyone else having/had this issue? hardware/software issue? and is it possible its a network issue? cheers
  13. ive noticed mine slows down after about the same time, and my phone gets very hot, maybe thats why? i think some apps you can reduce the wireless distribution power, see if that helps(ive not tried it)
  14. ahh damn, yeahh maybe it is the custom rom, which rom is it you are running again? after my exams at uni are over ill put the rom on my phone and see what i can do!
  15. still loving this ROM, its petty snappy compared to MG and stock! has there not been any updates for a while though? coz theres no dates written on the releases (on modaco anyway), or has development moved fully to the froyo rom?
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