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  1. helppp usss!!!! this seems to be some minor issue "coders" ! if it can't erase the recovery image, the new one won't fit... right? (i don't know if i'm making any sense but i hope so!lol)

    could this be a minor bug?!?!?

    I have no idea ,im skipping this command (adb push EvilEris3.0.zip /sdcard)....since this is not for legend.

  2. f*****ck this...i'm pissedd...my cable isn't working! it's a mini with a micro usb converter...now i'm pisseeeedddd....

    report back dude!!!!!don't leave us hanging!!!! i'll be able to try it just at home...3hours till I get there...it's just too much suffering...

    It did not work on mine,just tried.

    error msg is "not enough space on recovery"

    tried two times only ...

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