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  1. Could you upload the script you modified here? im experiencing also problems with the proximity sensor (which I didn't have in other ROMs) and none of both scripts seems to work for me. I also tried to set the permissions of the file with a file explorer but the screen stays always on during calls.
  2. I can't get the volume keys to work on it, it was maybe wrong flashed?
  3. I not sure why but I'm missing a lot of important apps, like email or gmail. Were they intentionally deleted? Thay are also not in market I think...
  4. Thanks! i'll try that today. It seems that some of us are experiencing the same problem while for others work flawless. Could be because the flashed phone part?
  5. Ey could you upload here this file for the rotation issue? I have the same problem! I also made my storage installation, don't know if that can have something to do with it...
  6. Thanks for the update! By the way, my autorotatio doesn't work properly: when I hold my phone in portrait mode the phone is on landscape and vicecersa. Is there a way to calibrate the rotation?
  7. People are obsesed with the nand rom, but I think is it better to stay this way until the development achieves a good level of reliability. If we get a nandrom beta today and the phones freezes, we couldn't go back to winmo at least to make this important call or read this urgent email. Right now we have at least the possibility to choose which SO do we want to use. If I'm expecting an important call or I need my battery to last 2 or 3 days for some reasons, I can stay in Wimo. If I just want to play or to "whastapp", I load android. The most important thing right now is to fix all the bugs before trying to go further, or we will get more bugs and an unusable nand beta rom... Thanks the Developers not only for this work, but also for the patience with the comments
  8. My feedback: -Sometimes the phones doesnt wake up (SOD like) and it is not related with after phone call and proximity sensor bahaviour. -The battery never shows 100% but 93 or 94%, but it doesn't mean that the battery is not charged: if you charge the phone within WM2003 or with the phone off and then you change into windows, you will still see 93%, but windows will notify 100%)
  9. This version works way better than the last one on my phone. In general the performance of the phone is faster and there are (until now) no freezes or SODs. About the Wi-fi bug: In the advanced options of WiFi there is a option to select the power saving settings. By default is set to put the WiFi in Standby if the screenf goes off, which I think could be the cause of the problem. Setting it to no powersaving should do the trick (but it will consume more energy while in standby). After this I didn't have more problems, but maybe I get a wifi freeze today don't know... Another thing I notice is that charging now takes a lot of time, it is not a big deal anyway, but my Omnia couldn't complete the charge in the whole night. Also is true that battery goes down slowly when using the phone. I still hadn't test in standby. About memory handling: for me now is way better, I can always see at least 50 free MB, and with the last one I could only have around 25 without task managing software. It is true also that the programs normaly doesn't stay on the background but are directly killed.
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