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  1. So is it easy-possible to have one of the 3 buttuns to get back from sleep? I think it can help avoid some hardware damage in the future with button.
  2. Meaning that we will be able to wake phone from sleep without having to press the top power button? Cause i dont see that button lasting a lot while having to press it a lot of times during the day...
  3. Hi to all, after i installed this A4 ROM i noticed that battery life is worse than 2.1. Also although i use advanced task killer. apps apear again after few seconds. While in 2.1 a killed app would not appear before i use it again, in that rom apps start on their own no nomatter how often i use atk. Is this a problem with this rom or do i miss something?
  4. Does anyone know what the European SAR value of the Blade is?? I can't seem to find it anywhere in the web. It would be really helpful to know how much we are burning our brain :P))
  5. I think its time for me to win something!! Pick me please!
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