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  1. I've put the file frb2update.tar.gz where haret is but it doesn't work. When I restart to WM the file is still there. Is there a way to manually install this update ? Thanks for the theme btw!:)
  2. Don't recommend installing Swapper for root. After a while of usage I have come across some random bugs for example i couldn't open phonebook, settings or any installed app( automatically closed when started ). Only solution was to shut down the phone. :rolleyes:
  3. I'm somehow new to android experience so I'm just curious what your home screens look like. Also please write which applications do you have installed. :) I've installed so far: HTC Sense mod Juice defender GO SMS GO keyboard Opera 11 Btw which app should I use to capture home screen? Greetings!
  4. This means that if I soft reset or take out the battery it can corrupt the filesystem, but if I long press shut down button and select reboot or shut down it can't? I was looking at ram consuption and it was still 55 free :) anyway I will uninstall it and test.
  5. Today I encountered a freeze in GO sms after 5days of usage(had to soft reset). Could this be that I installed yesterday Launcher pro HTC sense mod or even the new market 3.0?(also yesteday at the same time) And is it now the same than in the last beta, where the android became corrupted after 3-4 reboots ? Thanks!:)
  6. Are there any advantages of installing setcpu in froyo beta2 or any other programs to increase battery life ? ;)
  7. Just a simple question. How to connect the phone to PC so that I can put files on my SD card ? When I plug the phone in it does nothing. I have also the wifi problem, it is connected but when I open the market or browser it says no connection. What to do ? Thanks!:)
  8. Installed, everything gone fine, pink screen few sec then android logo for about 3-5min. Testing now for 2 hours, no problems yet.:D Hope it stays that way.. Thanks dev's for your hard work!(if someone needs help how to install pm me)
  9. Does it matter how big the ext4 partition is ?(which one should I use, 1gb or 2gb?) Thanks!
  10. Whooaa :DD That are very good news! Thanks for your effort dev's.
  11. So no more sleep problems and normal battery usage ? :D That rocks!
  12. Is this true ? :o Can somebody confirm if it's working? :D
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