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  1. Thanks for your help pulak. Seems like flashing may b bst way considering low mem. Will build upthe courage an maybe try & no I won;t be blaming anyone if anything does happen. You guy do the hard work & make it as easy as possible for us Noobs. Thanks again 2 Contabl & 2 u Pulak 4 the advice!
  2. Thank all who worked on this. Running great on my Omnia 2 (i8000). Although not ridiculousy big speed chnge, it has been noticable & very welcomed! Currently get approx 65MB rom freeon Startup. Thanks agin!!
  3. Got a Omnia II (i8000) running WM 6.5. Original rom & have not flashed anything. Can I install this onto my phone? Do I need to flash? Sorry if silly question, but am a newbie to WM. Thanks! PS - If I can install how & wat's best way?
  4. Thanks for sharing gchris7!!! Works great on Omnia II awesome look, best I have seen for Titanium!! Keep up good work! It's people like you who help make WinMo better and more awesome and competetive with other OS. Thanks
  5. Does anyone have any idea of how I can make Windows Live & Marketplace connect thru Wifi and not GPRS when connected on Wifi? I have Omnia II WinMo 6.5 running gchris Titanium v 1.3.1 wit FPU Enabler path (Chainfire)
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