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  1. Thanks Paul! I just flashed Jr5 and it is a beauty! I love how the home page rotates. The rotation lock mod is useful when lying in bed. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=207159 A couple noob questions, hoping someone can answer please: 1) i have both superSU and super user installed. Should i delete one.?.. which one?...just uninstall it like any other app? 2) what is the point of using the odex app?...is that so i can recieve future OTA'S? 3) will lichit's nav bar mods mess up having the recovery in the power menu? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1747632 Cheers,
  2. so all i need to do is install aGPS_final.cab to my device. then soft reset, and it should work? thanks, Jamie
  3. i am using the new lite rom. only problem is when screen rotates sometimes. when it rotates the lock screen, it is hard to get it unlocked. can someone please tell me how to <STRONG>disable auto rotation for everything except picture album, camera, and opera?</STRONG>
  4. hello, I am using MS Team's Lite Rom (Jul 28). I love it, fast and stable! Just one issue... the screen rotates to landscape sometimes when the phone is locked... this makes it hard to unlock it, because the slider is messed. Does anyone know how I can disable landscape screen rotation for the lock screen and home screen? Thanks, Jamie
  5. i am using the new (July) lite rom. i love it but want to be able to use marketplace. where is marketplace? if i need to install it, does anyone know where i can download a cab for marketplace. edit: i found it.... and it still works http://m.microsoft.c...arketplace.mspx
  6. thanks for uploading and sending me the link. much appreciated. thanks MS TEAM! just flashed the new lite rom. so far, nice, fast and stable. i am going to leave it for a while and begin to add all my fave tweaks like quick (compact) start menu, and will report back in a few days/weeks on how much i love it! happy the alarm works :) .... the other night when i had the sense rom flashed and couldnt get alarm working, i had to sleep (or try to) with the lights on so I wouldn't be late for work :) Thanks GuyS!!!!! i love my $60 Omnia II thanks to you!!
  7. hey thanks for offering to help. i really want to use the new lite rom :) but no matter what I try the file is corrupt.

    Yes, I have MSN. my e-mail is [email protected]

    Do I have to be signed in for you to send it to me?


  8. thanks for trying to help. yes I had already followed your suggestions. i tried winrar version 4 and 7zip. still the file is corrupt. i am using password MS Team. Will you please, please share the extracted (light) rom?
  9. jeeez. what's wrong with me... can't use the new lite rom because it is corrupt when i extract it and now i am using the new ms sense rom and i cant get the alarm to go with sound. i used this fix and still the alarm will display but not sound. i have tripple checked both sound settings are turned up. any suggestions please?
  10. when i extract the new july 28 lite rom, winwar shows an error the file is corrupt. i tried flashing the corrupt file anyways to see if it would work, and about half way through the flashing octans had an error. so i cannot use the new lite rom. does anyone else have this issue with it being corrupt, or know of a solution please?
  11. i flashed the new windroid rom yesterday. have not had much time to test it, but from what I can tell it is really nice. faster than previous versions. i noticed there is a cab that came with the windroid .rar file. it is a jrlm cab or something. does anyone know what it is for?
  12. EXCITED I lost my omnia II - i8000l a few months ago. i finally found a good deal on a used one (mint condition $60). i am excited to hear MS Team is working on a new rom! I've always being a big fan of MS Team's lite rom Unfourtunatly, my new phone is locked. The only guy I know who can unlock it is a days worth of traveling away, including a 2 hour ferry boat. I plan to try and go see him in 3 weeks....unless ...anyone know a legit unlocking site that works for Omnia II ? mine is locked by Bell Canada if it means anying
  13. i was so excited to see there is movement on a good facebook app. unfourtunatly it is for winmo 6.5 i tried it (on new lite rom) and it seems to always fall to the behind the samsung today screen...and issues with keyboard behind layout as well. otherwise a sweet facebook application: http://code.google.com/p/xda-winmo-facebook/downloads/list please let me know if anyone gets it working well.
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