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  1. hey distortedloop, thanks for your input! well, i managed to pin down the problem a little bit more... just now ksoftirqd/0 fired up the cpu and I watched the log, if there is something weird going on. And I noticed that every 5 lines or so this message keeps appearing: 07/29/2010 12:21:11 [ERROR] wpa_supplicant(3076) wpa_driver_priv_driver_cmd failed I left it like this for about 5 minutes, but the message didn't disappear until I switched wifi off for a second and then on again. The error disappears and cpu usage gets back to normal. I'm not a linux pro, but there seems to be an issue with wpa. Maybe it has sth to do with the router? I use a WRTGL54 from Linksys with Tomato firmware. Maybe there's some incompatibility. I'll see what I can find on google, but maybe you guys know sth too.
  2. XQC

    Other music player?

    Ok, should have made that point clearer: It doesn't support your own m3u playlists yet.
  3. XQC

    Other music player?

    You can try: - btunes (not free) - basically it's a clone of the iPhone music player - mixzing (free with ads) - doubletwist (free) - Instinctiv - best UI so far IMO, but lacks playlist feature (may come later)
  4. This happened to me across all firmwares so far and I don't know what triggers it... From time to time, like every 2-3 hours I notice that the UI becomes sluggish and reaction of apps is quite slow. When I check the cpu with OSmonitor or top, I notice that the process ksoftirqd/0 causes the cpu to go crazy (100% at 1GHz). What I have found out so far: - It only happens when Wifi is on - It keeps staying at 100% until I turn Wifi off for a second and then on again - ksoftirqd/0 returns to normal This happens about twice or three times a day. Like I said, I can't figure out what exactly ksoftirqd causes to run amok when Wifi is turned on. Needless to say that when I don't check the device, the battery gets low at an alarming rate. I googled about ksoftirq and it's a known issue in the linux world, but apparently no one came up with a solution. But on the other hand no one else seems to have a problem with that on their SGS Should I consider that the problem may lie in the hardware?
  5. XQC

    New firmware I9000XWJM2 now available

    Would be glad if someone ran the quadrant benchmark with jm2 without the fix. Some people claim, that JM2 is just as fast as "old" firmwares with the ext4 speedfix.
  6. XQC

    Bitch about the Music Player

    For me it is incredibly annoying, that it doesn't read m3u files. I still sync my SGS with iTunes (which I've grown to for 4 years), but I can't use my playlists. I mean, m3u is a feature that mp3 players had since... dunno, forever? Really unfortunate, as it is one of the more beautiful players. I am now using mixzing, which does its job pretty well, I just don't like the UI design... has a bit of a Windows Media Player 6 feeling to it.
  7. Toshiba 16GB Class4 ...but really, shouldn't every SD card work?
  8. Has still anyone no idea, why Quadrant gets stuck at "Database writes" on some devices with the ext4 fix, while some others don't? I'm just curious as there don't seem to be any other problems with it so far.

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