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  1. I cant move or delete apps with root explorer "xxx.apk cannot be deleted/moved because it is a read only file"
  2. I have installed the rom, gapps and a2sd but i have no market for some reason?
  3. The phone is someones unwanted upgrade and they cant be bothered to get it unlocked
  4. I am looking to get a defy unlocked from tmobile so my wife can use it on o2, has anyone had it done?, where?, how much? I believe it is done by code Cheers Chris
  5. It works! :angry: It works! :D It works! ;)
  6. I have just installed v1.1 thats just been released and its working perfectly, i would give it a try as i was have the same problems as you.
  7. Hey Flibbs, just saw v1.1 so i thought what the hell and turned my phone off (currently running the official 2.1 hu and the HU update) installed amonra, restarted the phone, booted into recovery, wiped everything, copied flb v1.1 onto the sd card and hit install zip from sd card and its gone straight onto my phone with no errors whatsoever!! Then i realised i forgot a2sd so i went back into recovery, wiped everything, partitioned the sd card, copied flb v1.1 back onto the sd, install from zip and the rest is history. I wonder why i can install v1.1 but not v1.0?? I am absolutely buzzing :angry:
  8. I dont think its the sd card as i have tried 2 x 8gb's and a 2gb card and i get the same errors on all 3. I can flash older roms but not newer ones so it must have something to do with whatever the difference is between a new rom and an old one.
  9. A beta basically means it is for testing and may still have bugs and not work correctly, the v1.0 is not beta so is the most up to date, stable worrking version of the FLB rom. They are all the same rom but you are trying to install the older version.
  10. I am expecting a desire to arrive this week so if it turns up he can have my pulse for dev.
  11. If your just asking whats so good about it now why the hell have you been trying to install it for 2 days?
  12. If you formatted the sd card then you will have wiped the zip file off, just copy it back over and try again.
  13. Fantastic work once again :angry: , any idea on an ETA?
  14. Your a superstar!, i hope this sorts out the problem of me not being able to get any zipped roms to work.
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