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  1. http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/acer-s110-stream.11912/#post-109799 Maybe there are owners who live nearby, to give our device in the customization?
  2. Install RecoveryManager_v0.37b.apk And and with it , install clockwork_recovery_S110.iso restart to recovery...
  3. It is sad, because I did initially))) My phone is killed by a failed firmware ... (need to restore the jtag) IMEI can not be returned. (Only at the factory) At the expense of poor signal, I'll ask on their forum.
  4. I thought you also Russian))) As I understand it, the question is what catches the bad signal gsm module? (Correct statement) In those pictures the interior of our phone, I could not identify where there is an antenna ... On account of having not exactly sure, but if you like it changed to flash card directly (in our other phone can only be written to restore the factory, using the programmer) ... I have the most right now, problem with the phone, because of stupidity while the firmware is dead and can only be restored using the jtag box, but no normal Full for this model ( Sorry for my bad english (((
  5. Антены в любом случае отдельные... Я не понял где тут антены(
  6. At the expense of networks do not know ... Perhaps the case in the statement, or have to climb inside and look can be a bad contact with the antenna (if the original had no such problems)
  7. Honestly never seen this ... Try to flash from another computer. And again to flash 2.1
  8. There's such files (pictures) ... C: \ ACER_QCN \ A3 is empty. Picture 2 - fully copy the folder (which in temp when flashing)
  9. so in order 1. I also have a acer stream 2.YA do not quite understand that the Qnz file (if it can pull out of the driver, tell me where exactly) 3. Because google translate the meaning is lost ... Try to write in their native language ... 4.Do not quite sure about the 2.1 and 2.2 (if you pierced it strange that did not help), the costs of translation ... Again, sorry for the misunderstanding (
  10. With English I have also some problems ... Not quite understood the point of flashing, you tried to flash a 2.1, after that 2.2? Если русский стукни в icq 399254732 попробую помочь)))
  11. What is the process of flying this error? If the firmware, then flash the 2.2 => 2.1?
  12. So with a region problem ... A quick search gave nothing, right now I cannot take the case thoroughly=( Tell your country and try to search yourself. And tomorrow I'll look! And still tell a red light is lit in amss?
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