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  1. will this affect all the LTE One Xs, or just the ATT one?
  2. It worked a treat for me on my B70 model. However, cm9 nightlies are bring released now, so I made the switch to that..
  3. That's terrible. HTC should have had a menu softkey with multitasking being left on a long-press of Home.
  4. I have the 1950mAh Mugen one - I chose it over Anker purely because I didn't have to deal with eBay to buy from them. It works a treat; I can usually get about a day and a half to two days out of it with my normal usage habits.
  5. I'm glad I held out. The 1920*1200 screen is just what I was hoping for in a next-gen tablet!
  6. Surely the 77a kernel is introducing a bunch of other stuff into the mix though? Such as no HWA?
  7. Hopefully any delays in shipping GN stock won't affect the AOSP code drop, which I imagine is what the modding community is most looking forward to...
  8. What's it actually going to be called outside of the USA? I thought "Evo" was a Sprint trademark?
  9. 800x480 kills it for me. I'd be willing to pay more for a higher resolution - after all, my phone has an 800x480 screen ;)
  10. I'd like some more concrete info though; screen resolution? I'd be willing to pay more for something better than 1024x600 and 512MB RAM... but 130GBP is pretty hard to go past. Also, how much onboard storage? Does it come with GAPPs? Upgradable to Honeycomb/ICS? Will it have my babies? ;)
  11. Yes, I'm running it too. It's quite nice, and an improvement on JP3 (I reverted to JG5 after a week or so of that). I'd still much rather be using a stock Android with a couple of the Touchwiz enhancements. Notably the screenshot app and the pulldown quick settings. Everything else can get lost.
  12. I've always thought the SGS felt very 'cheap' and indeed, my main concern upon handling mine for the first time was just how long the finish would last for, especially the way the "with Google" and "Samsung" logos are painted on the surface of the rear case. I hope somebody can make a nice replacement rear cover for it from some kind of metal (titanium? :D)
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