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  1. Another experience - very good one - was with SD card change - http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index...rating_SD_Cards I needed to enhance my ext3 partition for A2SD+, as original 512 MB partition created by ROM manager got low ;), so I needed to enhance to 1 GB on the same card. I used steps described in Alex-V wiki with GParted on Ubuntu and everything worked just perfectly. Most important part was to make nandroid backup because it backs up also app2sd+ part on ext3.
  2. Hi all, several observations regarding ROMS 1.5 HD and 2.3 a2sd+, maybe it might help to someone: - I migrated from 1.5 HD to 2.3 a2sd+ and I tried to easy restore with using recommended steps on http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index..._and_Restore.29, so I used ROM mngr and flashed 2.3 rom with backup and full wipe, then restored data from nandroid and then I wanted to restore apps from Titanium, however, I was unable to get through, as it stayed frozen with HTC quietly brilliant screen for 20 minutes, had to put out battery and used titanium for restore application by application - after restore everything worked fine, however I got permanently sync icon, after some investigations I realized it is Touchdown application causing that. After reinstalling Touchdown everything is fine - IMHO 1.5 HD looks more stable, the only thing worse is missing 720 p and smaller font. On some web pages you do not see whole page - probably it counts with wider screen. Anyway, both ROMS are quite fast and good looking, I like them as I have no issues. With R9 I had a lot of performance issues, i.e. was not able to end a call.
  3. Bashy, looks interesting, but why do you think it is better than app2sd+. This looks to be moving only apps, and apptosd+ also dalvik cache, or not? Do you consider it as better due to not needed ext partition on SD? thx
  4. hi, I am using this old but good compatible radio, however, video 720p is not working. Otherwise the ROM is just perfect - fast and stable. Anyone any idea how to fix this 720p? Thx a lot
  5. Nazdar, I installed over R9 with full wipe and without any issues. Maybe it is problem with your ext partition?
  6. Hi Alex, I have just installed 1.4 HD with wipe and titanium restore. So far it looks to work perfect and fast, except one issue below. If it would be like that them we must go for a beer. :unsure: However: I forgot not to recover people contacts from titanium backup and I did, unfortunately... Now having fc of people when picking some contact. B) Now question: is there any way to fix it without reinstalling whole ROM again? I have spent some time to customize already and do not want to do it again, if not necessary. Thanks anyway for good work. ROM looks really good and stable.
  7. thanks for reply Daddy :) - no, I have not yet - good idea, I will probably try (wipe is scaring me :)) - yes, I chose disable perflock, governor settings, and I use SetCPU, but it did before I had SetCPU - my radio is - what about yours? Strange on the thing is, that it is occuring 2-3 times a week, even not everyday. After reboot, everything fine
  8. Hi, i have been using r9 for already some time. What occasionaly happens is, that whole device gets very slow. The onky thing helping is rebooting, then it is perfect quick again. No cache clearing, no process killing helps. I tried to diagnose it with quick system info and autostarts, however i did not notice anything abnormal. Please give me any ideas of: - similar experience, eventualy solution :-) - how to diagnose it even better, application, or which log to check Thanks
  9. as you might find here on this forum, everyone recommends app2sd+ rather than native froyo sd move, because froyo sd moves applications only, not app data. So best way is to bake new rom with app2sd+ enabled and install that one - there is an active thread from yesterday where you can find some more info, or search forum. Astro is good tool for file operations, however if you want to see memory usage etc, use quick system info - it is for free and you can find it on the market.
  10. The same here, uninstalled :-( staying with nimbuzz so far!
  11. doktorko


    I guess it will get moved automaticaly,i checked after new rom was installed and i think i had much more free space. Try it and check it. Anyway there is no user way to move them, AFIAIK there are no controls tu use...
  12. doktorko


    No need to move yourself, everything get moved automaticaly. You can check with quick system info how much is on app2sd.
  13. doktorko


    Hi there, I did this move on MCR 8 and I did not need wipe. Only pain was formatting SD card and creating partition, with so many MP3's it took some time. However - usual advice - try without wipe, and when it goes wrong, wipe :)
  14. I got new VW passat with built in handsfree and got VERY dissapointed, that car announced me that I have unsupported device (HTC Desire) :) . I was looking on it not believing my eyes. After some googling I understood, that the magic behind is called rSAP. If there is something existing for rooted Froyo, please, let us - desperate owners - :P know what to install :(. thanks in advance! EDIT: everyone who has this problem, please click star of this issue on google official page on this link: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/de...&colspec=ID If you click star, issue getting voice. The more voices = the higher probability that it will get developped.
  15. Hi, some things that may help you were written in this tread. Have a look. http://ip208-100-42-21.static.xda-develope...;postcount=1818
  16. I think I will wait on the "official cooked" one, which should be in the oven right now, I suppose :)
  17. probably you have it already, but here might be what you are looking for. http://ip208-100-42-21.static.xda-develope...23&page=182 I use the same rom, got through that where you stacked, but still getting conection failed, need to debug, will see.
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