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  1. I've been a good boy and patiently waited for O2 to send me the OTA link to the Froyo upgrade. I've backed up and followed their instructions to the letter. When I actually try to install the downloaded upgrade it goes straight into a reboot and hangs at the Dell logo (left it for an hour the first time to check). Removing the battery unfreezes it and it goes back to it's previous 1.6 state. The only non-standard thing is it's rooted by Universal Androot - doesn't seem to want me to unroot it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I don't think I'll get much out of Dell or O2. It's GAUSB1110421-EU build 3883. It shows the new Market format now by the way, despite still being at 1.6. Thanks all in anticipation.
  2. I simply went out and bought a wallet that the streak fits into very nicely. There's a few wallets out there that will fir it though a couple of people have accused me of having a ladies purse (it's absolutely nothing like a purse) - it's quite simply a wallet just slightly larger than the Streak and it has a central pocket that fits it perfectly. As I wear glasses and als have BB for work I've managed to reduce the amount of crud I carry by one as I no longer have an iPhone in a separate case as well. It cost me £37 I believe from a local shop.
  3. You should have a window pop up on your phone which asks you if you want to allow root access. If you don;t answer in about 10 secs it simply comes back as Permission Denied. I would advise making sure you haven't got a box ticked which says remember or, if someone pinches your phone, they're in as root.
  4. The nice thing about the SlideIT keyboard is that button (a G at the bottom from memory) that shrinks the keyboard to the right slightly, just enough to let you use your right thumb to without letting go of the device itself with your right hand.
  5. Just one - BUT - although it survived being thrown face up on to the marble floor of a lift when someone shut the door on me while it was in my hand, it didn't survive when I got out of my car (a 4x4 so quite high up) forgetting I had it on my lap. It fell face down at least 3 foot or so onto a bricked driveway :) ; slightly uneven bricks so it will have hit an edge too. Actually it sort of did still work - but the glass was completely cracked all the way across. I was amazed it stayed in place, in fact. I even managed to send a couple of texts from it before deciding that I was about to get a sliver of glass in my finger. Waiting for it back from Carphone Warehouse along with a £157 bill. I really hope it doesn't have to go back to Dell but at least it doesn't go near O2. It's definitely a tough bit of kit though.
  6. Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for - so I can download the pkg onto the SD card and leave it there as my recovery strategy. One quick question - the image is listed as the stock Dell recovery image - I've got an O2 locked Streak bought "SIM free" from CPW. Anyone know the difference between the Dell image and the O2 image or, even better, can tell me how to copy the image that's on Streak right now to the SD card? I'm really keen to get an absolutely solid back-out plan before I root the phone (but I also really need to get Font Size on there so I don;t have to use my glasses all the time!!). I'm sure the Dell image would work (unless someone's deliberately being very proprietary) but I can also see CPW/O2 being pedantic and refusing to go it near in the event of problems. p.s. generic thanks to every who contributes as well - it's great to see the huge range of contributions from dash-board mounts to creating custom ROM's.
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