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  1. I bought a 2GB (Toshiba) MiniSD a while back and ever since, I've had "parameter error". I don't have problems with it on the phone, it's when I connect it to the PC that the problem starts. At times, I can't copy stuff on to it using a USB card reader and other times, I can't get stuff from it. I don't have it read/write locked. I even bought a new card reader. But something tells me I got a defective one. Does anyone have similar experiences or a solution to this? I've tried reformatting the card several times, but once I exceed 1GB of content in the card, things go wrong again.
  2. My Voyager got stolen. :) So I'm selling what's left: Wall Charger Charger Adapter USB Cable (Plus the manuals and CD's in the box) All for PhP 750.00 Anyone interested can PM me, I'm located in Makati and Quezon City.
  3. I use ffmpeg. I haven't tried to convert to 3gp, but it can. I use it more for Mpeg4v or divx. it's commercial with a free trial mode, but your trial period doesn't expire. the controls take a bit of getting used to to get it to do what you want. but after that, it's ok. I'll try to look for the site and post you a link.
  4. Hi everyone. I came accross this game online and it got me thinking that with the success of MMORPGs with respect to online communities, maybe we can come up with a Smartphone-skewed version. Here's the link: http://world2.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=31092821 Now bear with me here. It may look like I'm trying to spam you, but read the rules of the link, and you'll see what I mean. I personally don't have the qualifications to write a program, but the idea is there. I'd like to hear what you guys think.
  5. have you tried looking at the pop3 settings for incoming and outgoing servers. your pop3 service provider should supply you with these (and they're not the same for all) for example gmail uses pop.gmail.com at port 995 (or something similar). I'm pretty sure the error message goes something like server connection cannot be established, check your account name or password. this has been the trouble with my pop3 accounts before I got them to work
  6. Another cool feature of the TCPMP is the playlist. You can load files from your SD and save your selection as a playlist. then, keeping the files on your SD, you can load your preferred playlist anytime.
  7. I think that's normal. When you set it to Vibrate and ring, the vibration lasts as long as your sound clip. if you want a shorter period of vibration, you can try vibrate then ring, but you only get one vibration burst, then you get your ringtone. I'm not sure how to configure the short burst of vibrations. hope that helps :)
  8. yes. I remember reading a lengthy discussion about it a while back. unfortunately substance abuse has wreaked havoc on my memory. do a search, I'm sure something will turn up ;) .
  9. I've come across a handful of 3rd party media players, most of them just for music. the one I have now is TCPMP or Core Media Player. with the right plugins installed, you can play any format you want, even video. I have it on the E200, I'm not too sure how good it'll perform on the E100.
  10. You can SMS a contact. there's a nifty app from www.airfagev.com, but email and MMS, I'm not too sure... atleast not with the packaged apps.
  11. can you give a detailed step by step of what you're doing? I have had no problems setting up 4 separate pop accounts. Let's try to figure out what's going wrong. ;)
  12. Check in Storage/Application Data/Volatile. Mine have a funny habit of turning up there.
  13. Some smartphones have a file size limit when sending through Bluetooth. look for BTFix.exe (or cab) in this forum and install it on your phone.
  14. you can use QuickTime Pro. I use a Macintosh so I'm not too familiar with Windows software. But for every one Mac software, there are about 20 for windows, so there are a bunch out there. You can ask Google. So far, I got Mencoder, ffmpegx, handbrake, mpeg streamclip to resize my videos to a nice little megabyte for the phone. Check this out: http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/about to learn more. I use The Core Pocket Media Player by the way. it's more versatile in playing different video formats. Cheers.
  15. When you're copying files from PC to phone, you have to understand that your phone will process the information first before copying it. So, if you're trying to get a 4mb mp3 file into your phone, make sure you got around 9mb of free memory. Since this is the case, I'd advise a card reader. Put your SD in the slot and copy directly from PC to SD. When you plug your SD back into your phone, the file should be there. That's what I've been doing ever since and almost everyday. ;)
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