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  1. The UK and Ireland one is coming up as €14.99 here, nice!
  2. I installed this over stock rooted but it refused to boot with an SD card in, it was just boot looping. If i let it boot then put the SD in it would reset and loop again. I tried two cards and tried formatting and reinstalling but always the same. I've flashed liquiduos 1 now and it seems fine, i might take a backup and try upgrading to 2 in a while.
  3. Is there any useful changes? I'm so annoyed the bluetooth doesn't sync calls or names with our fiscon. The whole point of getting one of these was for my wife being in the car all day
  4. The clock on the lock screen is getting cropped in landscape, is this a stock issue or just this?
  5. Same issue as above, it still works as a menu button (if there) but the others disappear
  6. It slides into little brackets. I'll get you a pic when i get home
  7. This is the one I have, it's a perfect fit. The only thing to suggest its not made for the Hannspad is the hole for a rear camera. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/360378642541?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  8. I used the APX mode as in the guide
  9. So i've bricked my hannspad flashing between roms, it won't get passed the Hannspree logo and i can't get into recovery. I'm looking to follow the guide here: http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/20647-recovery-restoring-to-stock-restoring-from-brick/ But i can't download the update.zip from the hanspree site because i haven't it got my serial number, its wore off the back and i haven't got the box anymore. Can somebody either download the file or send me their serial number so i can download it? Please and thanks!
  10. Somehow managed to crack the front glass on my SGS2 last night. :( Where's the most reliable place to get a genuine one for fitting myself. Ebay has a good few but I'd like to be sure I was buying genuine. Thanks
  11. Dammit, flashed twice today without problems and just flashed with the lastest additions and its stuck on the boot anim :/ I didn't wipe any of the times so i wonder whats causing it now. Could the battery percent option cause trouble without a wipe?
  12. Just flashed over villain rom 2.4.2 without a wipe with no issues. Any recommendations for a BLN compatible cable? Also, +1 for battery percentage and mobile data toggle (if only out of laziness!)
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