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  1. Although my phone didn't reboot itself dead, it did just turn off one night, and my alarm just didnt go off... Do android alarms work when the phone is off? I guess they should but its not something ive tested...
  2. I'll agree to the reboot loop issue, but I've only had it once since 3rd March (today actually), happened while playing a game, but being that rare doesn't bother me.
  3. The other small issues mentioned above, have you managed to fix them as well? Much appreciated
  4. Another bug perhaps? Need someone to confirm. When charging the orange LED is on, but when it gets to 90% the LED goes green to indicate being full charged but on screen it still stays "charging 90%" etc until it does reach 100% then it says charged.
  5. Thanks paul for taking the time to fix the issues! Will the next version need a clean install if we have the current version?
  6. To sum up what's not there for those who are interested: Notification LED doesn't work (but does show when charging/full). The USB Storage screen is sometimes just black, or has the wrong button/text/popups for what you're trying to do although you can enable/disable the mass storage mode without enough poking. Same thing can happen for Debug mode on/off. There's no FM radio. The camera doesn't record in 720p any more, max of 720x480 roughly i think, in 3gp files (eww!) The Dropbear SSH option doesn't seem to do anything? That's all I've found that I can remember and can confirm from above postings. Overall gingerbread is so worth it, no problems at all other than the above, very nice too. And please remember to thank Paul for all his hard work (thanks paul!!!) on getting this to the Desire this quick, I'm sure he's is busy with other work than to care about these few bugs, I'm happy with Gingerbread even though it's not perfect :(
  7. Thanks paul! Great rom, only 1 small thing, the notification led doesn't work, and the settings are for the"track ball light" :(
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