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  1. I didn't have hisuite installed, so even though I could see my device via fastboot + adb DC unlocker was missing some proprietary drivers that were needed for me to use the software Coughed up the €4 and got my bootloader unlock code, unlocked bootloader any away I go :) Maybe it's just placebo but since wiping and starting again I have noticed that the touch screen issues I was having have gone I installed the 136 version of the firmware soon after purchasing it via OTA method
  2. Have you unlocked your bootloader and if so can you tell me by what method? From what I can glean there seems to be two methods, It seems that you can request an unlock code from Huawei but it's not supported in Europe There's some shady looking software out there that you can use to get your unlock code I have tried both of these and got nowhere with either Appreciate any input thanks.
  3. I can manage with 6GB storage, I'm only using 1.3GB on my GNex right now everything else is in the cloud
  4. If that's the price for the 8GB model I'll take one Doesn't mention anywhere in that pic the size though does it?
  5. You got links for what you bought? I'm currently looking for something to just run Chrome on
  6. I put mine on eBay for ~£150 I think and got ~£180 for it, I was relieved to say the least! I'm saying roundabout prices because I have basically repressed this from my memory, I've never had a phone I can't root :wacko:
  7. Ha! ICS will be the next release for the SD, terribly optimistic to think JB will make it onto it
  8. Good point it was conjecture from 'some bloke down the pub' effectively The San Diego is a failure in my books due to the lack of support from the community and the OEM and the reason it got sold on
  9. Oh, lol! not so quick off the mark there =/ My SD has now gone to hopefully somone that will appreciate it a lot more than i did :D
  10. I think they have been specifically asked to do it on the SD maybe to gauge if they need to keep producing it?
  11. eBay auction ends in a couple of hours so I won't have it from tomorrow Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather just 'get rid'
  12. Well, after picking one up on launch day and playing with it from there till about five days ago I found that "for me" the screen resolution made it pretty hard to pick things accurately on the touch screen meaning I have to touch the screen several time to pick the correct thing on the screen Viewing angles weren't great on the screen which is a nice screen but again some apps were a bit confused by it and were displayed in a letterbox on the screen Build quality isn't the best feels plasticky but it is nice with the rubberised backing on it and the weight makes it feel really nice in the hand, the bezel around the sides of the screen weren't fixed very well meaning that it came away from the phone, you can see a visible gap there One app in particular Pro Zombie Soccer didn’t load at all so I got in touch with the developer and they said that they don’t support the app on x86 Architecture [intel powered phone] and they had no intention to either The camera is nice, but the shutter sound when you have it in burst mode is pretty annoying and because there's no root available for the device the shutter sound can’t be disabled Which brings me onto the subject of rooting the device, Intel have done a great job in locking down the bootloader of the device meaning that no custom code can be pushed to it to enable a custom recovery and roms I spent two weeks reaching out to the community contacting developers on XDA, rootzwiki and here with absolutely no interest from the community [apart from MoDaCo] With no progress on the bootloader being unlocked and the official line from Orang is that it’s staying that way mean this phone is of no use to me hence why its going to the big fleabay in the sky This is a massive stumbling block for this phone and if the position doesn’t change then I can’t see any amount of ad campaigns shifting it I have read from one of the developers here that he spoke to someone claiming to be a rep from Intel at an Orange store and that there had only sold ~500 units not impressive for a new paradigm in mobile phone chips </rant>
  13. Can you give us a bit more information about the event and your market research company please? Like the company name, and why you are targeting the AZ210 [Orange San Diego]? Thanks :)
  14. Seems very specific if you ask me, and tbh I'd get bored after about five minutes of using Gingerbread+no root =/ The hardware is there but the sw is lagging behind, we'll be on Jellybean in a few weeks!
  15. Are you the same person that posted the same sort of question on my eBay auction for the San Diego? Going by the name I'd say yes, what is it you want to know?
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