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  1. Fully agree with you. A wiki would be the way to go. And also agree with EddyOS (in the end): my OP also was frustration, coming across as rude to some :P
  2. I was trying to install CoolZ ROM with data2ext which requires two Ext 4 partitions. I ended up wiping the card with AmonRA and partitioning it inside AmonRA. I also experimented with partioning it by hand using ADB and parted but that turned out to be difficult in terms of getting dimensions right.
  3. Man, you're paranoid. Just relax. I don't care if anyone on this forum "looks at me". I hope, this is not your only source of self-esteem. Can we just stop this pointless discussion and go on with life? I'll shut up now. You do what you need to do. ;)
  4. Thanks for the links, that's helpful.
  5. It's guys like yourself that totally annoy me. Everything I've said is covered somewhere else. Nothing is original content. No one cares if you care. So please write something constructive and helpful. It shouldn't be your problem if I'm happy to share my learnings with others that don't want to waste their time searching around the forums. Next one to complain, please send me a private message and spare others your negative attitude.
  6. Two more points: I had a problem installing Gmail from the market in my country. Should you experience the same, use My Market to get it anyway. Unfortunately, My Market seems to be removed from the market and you need to Google to find it. Titanium failed to restore some market links. I used QuikMarketLinks to fix that
  7. Ok guys, I'm so frustrated with the release and communication attitude here that I shopped around for something new. And I'm so happy that I did! I'm now on a Desire Z ROM with all the nice new features of Sense coming with the HD/Z models. It is really worth it (in my opinion). <rant>I realized that once I accepted that I need to leave the simplicity and safety of Paul's kitchen, the world out there is much more colourful and advanced. But I had quite a learning curve and still don't understand everything I did to the fullest. In that respect, it doesn't help that quite a few developers love their acronyms and talk about all this "BFS kernel" stuff, which by the way means a kernel with brain badword scheduler (whatever that is). The newbies annoy the experts with their endless seemingly stupid questions (what's the difference between a2sd, data2ext and data2sd?) and often get the answer: use the search function. Hey, not every newbie is a n00b. But who wants to spend half their live researching technical details?</rant> Ok, so for all the other guys who are as lost in all this as I am, here is what I did (coming from a rooted Desire with MCR r9 ROM, ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Recovery that I got via unrevoked rooting): Install Titanium Backup from the Market, spend the few bucks for the paid version and do a full backup of everything Install SMS Backup & Restore from the Market, as Titanium sometimes has trouble with SMS (at least for me) and do a full backup Reboot into recovery by holding down the power button, selecting reboot and selecting recovery Do a full (so call NANDROID) backup of everything. This will even save your ROM and all. If you get stuck later, this is your return ticket. Reboot back into the Desire and access it from a PC, then copy everything (including hidden files starting with a dot) from your SD card to the PC as backup Download the CoolZ v3 ROM to your PC Don't forget the extra scripts from the post above, i.e. also download: alignment-ext4.zip, a2sd_remover_Cool.zip, Data2sd_Installer_Cool.zip Get a different kernel (the one included in the CoolZ ROM didn't work for me, caused me a lot of trouble with bootloops). I used Ziggy471 Beta Kernel BRAVO BFS HAVS 21 Jan 11 (120) (yes, BFS is the brain badword scheduler) I also abandoned ClockworkMod recovery and now use AmonRA which I feel is more versatile. Your choice, but if you want to follow me steps, download AmonRA as well To install AmonRA on your device, you might want to use unrevoked, go get it Now you have all the bits and pieces you need. We will wipe your card and repartition it. Everything will be gone, but you did your backup as described above, right? Unplug your device from your PC and start unrevoked Unrevoked waits to find your device - don't plugin just now, but first go into the menu of unrevoked and select the AmonRA image file that you downloaded as recovery image Now plugin your device and unrevoked do its magic, after that your device is rooted and AmonRA is installed as recovery system Boot into recovery, e.g. by holding the volume-down button and switching on the device, waiting a bit, then use volume up/down to move to the recovery menu item and press the power button to select it Once you're on the green AmonRA screen, you can navigate with the trackball. Select the partitioning menu and start partitioning your SD card. I used 0 swap, 1024 ext and the rest goes to FAT32 automatically. After partitioning, let's upgrade the ext2 partition first to ext3 and then to ext4 via the partitioning menu in AmonRA Now go back to the main menu and do a full wipe of everything You can now select USB-MS toggle to mount your SD card on the PC On the PC you should be able to see the large partition from the SD card as a drive. You might also see the 1GB ext4 partition, but please ignore it Copy the CoolZ v3 ROM file, the Ziggy kernel file and the three .zip scripts coming with CoolZ to the SD card Stop the drive on the PC to safely unplug it, or use the USB-MS toggle menu in AmonRA after everything has been copied over First we will align your ext4 partition. Go to the Flash zip from sdcard menu item and select the alignment-ext4.zip file After that has completed, do not reboot but now flash the CoolZ ROM, again via the Flash zip from sdcard menu entry After that has completed, do not reboot but now flash the a2sd_remover file Now you can reboot. Give it some time and hope for the best. Once you're inside the Desire, just skip through the setup wizard and don't just yet give your Google login or create any other account. You can do that later. Instead, reboot back to recovery (holding down power button, selecting reboot, then recovery) Now flash the data2sd_installer zip file Reboot once more and you're almost done Inside the new Sense (yes, it looks advanced from the original Desire interface) you can first go through the setup wizard and setup your accounts (you have to start it manually from the apps). Then go to the market and get Titanium backup and SMS backup Connect your PC again and copy your backup of the SD card back to the device The CoolZ ROM has left out the Google applications that are on the market anyway, so get Google Mail and Youtube and also Flash Use Titanium to restore all your apps and data. I did not restore any system apps as there were new ones now (obviously). I also did not restore any system data as I don't know if anything in the system databases has changed. For me, this was only WiFi anyway. Also, I didn't restore contacts and calendar, as these come synced over from Google. You loose your links, however, between Facebook, Twitter and the Google contacts. Not much of a problem for me. That's it as far as I can remember. It worked for me, it might or might not work for you. It's cooler than any MCR ROM (and faster) but you might disagree. The new Sense from the HD/Z is great and a good step forward. I hope this tutorial takes a bit of the pain out of the process. Don't expect any help from me, but ask over at XDA in the posts of CoolZ, Ziggy471 or AmonRA. It's their work, it's their credit! byebye Paul
  8. Ok, I took your advice and wiped the whole card. As I didn't see the full card in GPartEd, I've installed AmonRa recovery and used that to partition the card with one big partition. Then I went over to GPartEd which just like before saw only unallocated space. In GParted I've created my three partitions (one large FAT32 and two Ext4) and Ubuntu right away mounted these as three new drives. So far so good. Back in Android, I now have the weird situation that the phone does not see these three partitions. I've moved my backup back to the FAT32 but Android itself does not see it at all, not even from the Recovery. So in effect, I cannot flash any ROM. Even more strange, I took a photo that indeed was stored somewhere on the SD card, but not on my new three partitions. I can see it from Recovery but I cannot find it on any of the three mounted drives I see from Linux. This whole thing amazes me more and more and I don't understand how people keep saying that this is easy stuff.
  9. Well, as I said, this doesn't work as it doesn't read the partition table properly. The space of the first partition is recognized as "unallocated" and the space of the second partition doesn't even show. I will look into that. Does this show my card differently from the phone? Or could it be that ClockworkMod uses some strange way of partitioning the card? Can I completely wipe the card with GPartEd even if it doesn't see its full space (only space of the first partition)? Thanks for the help!
  10. Sorry, but this doesn't work at all. The only difference to using my Ubuntu is that the Live CD boots a Debian image and then runs GPartEd pretty much the same way as my Ubuntu does. It then recognizes the HTC Desire on /dev/sdf (or so) instead of /dev/sdb However, it still shows the 15 GiB of my first FAT 32 partition as "unallocated" and the second partition simply doesn't show at all. I tried this on two different machines with the same result each time. I don't have a card reader for micro-SD cards. Can anyone shed some light on this? Any other way to partition? Command line? Recovery?
  11. Thanks for the reply. So essentially you're saying that it makes a difference to use GPartEd from a Live CD vs. from a running Linux system. I'll try that right away and report back.
  12. I'm running MCR v9 with ClockworkMod Recovery and a2sd+ vom MCR v9 Using Ubuntu 10.10 and ADB I can see the partition table: # ./parted /dev/block/mmcblk0 print Model: SD SU16G (sd/mmc) Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 15.9GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: msdos Number Start End Size Type File system Flags 1 512B 15.4GB 15.4GB primary fat32 lba 2 15.4GB 15.9GB 512MB primary ext3[/codebox] Now, I would like to change this setup and enlarge my second partition and create a third partition. Can someone please enlighten me how to do this. I've searched a lot and read a lot and most people say that this is easy and simple and I should just Google it or forget it if I don't know how to do it. By the way, I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and tried gparted on /dev/sdb but that doesn't even see the partition table. It reports the space of partition 1 as unallocated and doesn't show partition 2.
  13. No, you're not right. The keyword here would be transparency. There is not a single post here in this forum by Paul about what's going on. We go by the random tweet and that is irritating. People are not ungrateful. I'm sure everyone appreciates a lot the work Paul is putting into this. What you read is more an expression of insecurity. Did I pick the right ROM? Should I go elsewhere? The whole discussion wouldn't exist if Paul every other day said where he stands with things or what issues still need to be resolved. Everyone would understand and gain security. Nobody would complain about Paul not solving some issues not fast enough as we all know that nobody can do it like Paul anyway. So, Paul, in case you happen to read this, thanks for your effort and please keep us a bit more in the loop.
  14. For those of you waiting impatiently for r10 - and not reading Paul's twitter account 9hrs ago
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