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  1. Hi, noticed this yesterday when I tried to turn bluetooth on... "Security policy restricts use of Bluetooth connection" Couldn't tell you when the last time I was able to turn it on, because I very rarely ever use it. Tried to google this error, but there is no results - can't seem to find any information on this error at all... I am running Pauls rom, have been for months. No other real problems at all other than this... ANyone have any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated. EDIT - Just for further info - this error appears at the bottom of the screen anytime you try to turn on Buletooth, either by the drop down status bar button or in the wireless and networks section of the settings menu.
  2. My Samsung Apps thing was fixed by installing the Root File Manager and deleting the file mentioned earlier in the thread... Was wondering what the solution was with the Car Mode, though... Anyone? Should I just get a replacement from the market?
  3. I had planned on the tab replacing my personal phone (as it is only really used for texting) and voice calls divert to my work phone. However, Optus can't seem to connect two services on the one sim card... Still don't understand that... Why can't they just attach the 10Gig allowance to your existing mobile plan?
  4. One thing that I can't seem to work out is Tweetdeck doesn't seem to be auto updating, even though I have configured each column to update at set intervals, just like I had done previously...
  5. I just dove in and did this whole root thing and flashed this ROM. First time I have done this on any of my previous Android devices... Had a few problems initially, just because I had no real idea what I was doing, but eventually got it up and running and it's quite slick. Noticably faster than stock rom. I've been reading through this thread numerous times to try and find pitfalls and known probs. Happy to see similar ones to what I have found, at least I know I'm on the right track. And thanks to everyone for discussing solutions. Cheers.
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