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  1. I never followed up on this.... Many months on and I went for the Spider Podium. It's minimal design is wonderful! My Alfa GT has a cup holder and card holder slide out draw fairly high in the dashboard, it is here that I've mounted it. Perfect for controlling audio playback and maps visibility. I've got an USB cable popping out of the card holder too, so if I want to tidy it away I can quickly remove the Spider Podium, close the little draw and it all looks normal :) PS - if anyone is reading this with an Alfa GT, the Blaupunkt Bluetooth adaptor works with the factory fit radio (although Alfa says it doesn't) and makes phone appear as CD changer: http://www.bluespot.co.uk/car-audio.aspx/7607545500-adaptor
  2. I wasn't too sure about it as I want something that looks good in my car (don't want to spoil a lovely Alfa's looks!). Thinking about how bulky some other designs are I've gone and ordered one. From other reviews they appear pretty stable as well :unsure:
  3. Thank you - this may be an option. I like the design of it and think it'll look quite interesting in my car, unlike a lot of the other, bulkier, types.
  4. I was wondering if any of you have any ideas for phone holders for the SGS2. Preferably I don't want a screen mounted one. The Clingo looks good but I'm not sure that the rough plastic back of the S2 would be suitable to hold properly (although it is listed as compatible!) Thoughts? Ideas? What do you use? Thank you :unsure:
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