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  1. Now that the official one has been released. Has anyone used it. It is worth getting or shall I wait until the technology gets better? I've read reviews of having to place the phone in a specific place to get it to charge. Thanks
  2. It's But everything else has installed, In Settings / Storage it shows Total Space at 162MB, full bar, Apps 183MB Availabale 142MB A2SD GUI, on startup shows the error "Exiting A2SDGUI Could not start for one of these reasons 1. Device not rooted, 2 Scripts could not be found, 3. No EXT Partition found. However on the second time I open it, it gets superuser access. It then shows Apps on SD! Internal memory 142MB (162MB) SD-EXT 1516MB(1830MB) cache 56mb(57mb) So looks like things are working (slightly differently than before, but working) Thanks for all the help
  3. Ok after realising I had to be in Andriod not CWM to load the files, I have followed, except "Boot back into recovery and install a2sd script re boot phone Install a2sf app from play and follow instructions and you should be sorted." What is the a2sd script? and how is that different from the a2sd (i presume not a2sf) app? Thanks
  4. Ah right, so partition first. Since I'm not too bothered about saving any data (too late now anyway), no need to Back up the card. How do you know you are copying to the root of the SD card, is that obvious in Windows? Will give this a go this evening.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll detail my steps below. So ZTE Cresent had CM9 on it, but wasn't going too well when I swapped in a different SD card used on an older Andriod. SOOO 1) Using SDFormatter on my PC, I Format the SD card to remove all data, partitions etc. 2) I load onto SD card (all freshly downloaded): CM9 for ZTE Google Apps for ICS DarkTremorApps2SD 3) Insert SD to phone, boot to CWM Clear Data/Factory reset, wipe cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache 4) Install CM9, Install Google Apps Reboot, All working fine So it's when I come to looking at Dark Tremors. Could you give me the steps for that. From what I know they would be 5) Create Partition 2GB 0 Swap 6) Mount Data, Mount System 7) Install Dark Termors But when I reboot it never works. What would you suggest? Thanks (as starting to pull my hair out...)
  6. Hopefully i'm just making a basic error here. I'm following the steps on this site for loading CM9 Boot in to Recovery by turning the phone off, and turning it on while holding the volume down key. 'Wipe Data/Factory Reset' 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> ROM 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> Google app At this point a reboot works fine and CM9 loads. However I then try to skip this below step and instead.. Optional: 'Install zip from sdcard' -> 'Choose zip from sdcard' -> A2SD At this point I try to follow the steps to load DarkTremours A2SD as detailed here http://yagyagaire.bl...ml#.UTUaFqJdB8G On a reboot I only see the android logo and get no further. I guess it is see the wrong partition?? Any ideas Thanks
  7. Installed Fish n Chips, it came with SMS pop up, which I can't un install. Any ideas how/why?
  8. Just jumping on this rather than start a new thread. I have Fish n Chips installed not a CM. Once I have Partition it, how can i use this partition to make more internal space? I use App 2 SD to move as many Apps as possible. Thanks
  9. I'm in a similar position with the Proximity Sensor. I've read on here theses two bits "Some users might have to calibrate their proximity sensor. Use ZTE Emode Helper to start engineering mode sensor calibration. If you have ZTE dialer add-on installed, you can also start engineering mode sensor calibration by dialing *983*0#." "Some users might have to calibrate their proximity. proximity sensor is calibrated on the first boot, so don't cover it while first boot. You can recalibrate proximity by running command 'ztesensortest -c' in terminal. If that doesn't help, you might have to flash ZTE dialer add-on and run emode sensor calibration by dialing *983*0#." But after running the sensor test in terminal, it hasnt solved it. Can someone explain how to run the sensor test, is it simply "running command 'ztesensortest -c' in terminal" or do I need to be covering the sensor, or something else? Cheers
  10. Being a little slow here but what does the new Battery Bar look like? I currently have the circular, count-down style clock version (rather nice). Looking at the two screenshots I couldn't actually see what the bar would look like (unless it was hidden). Is it just the stock barrery icon/bar but with different colouring?
  11. Being a newbie, how do I do this? What are the Governor settings do? Does smarasv2 set the CPU to slow only when idle? Cheers
  12. NEWBIE Question I've not played with my ZTE Blade for over 9 months, but the SD Card crashed a few times and ended up needing/wanting to start from scratch. I've installed Moldovan-Mile-High-Mountain-Pie-RLS7-TPT.zip which is good, my newbie questions is Which of the below should I install, if any? And then how? (I was thinking about the first one, but unsure how to install it properly) Add-ons: -M-MHMP-RLS7-ZTE-Dialer.zip (ZTE Smartdialer, contacts and messaging - requires full wipe) http://www.mediafire...cgj7qecvnyjedyb MD5:0CD67967C588D5766285992C8B9BD45F -M-MHMP-RLS7-GEN3.zip (converts this ROM to work on your gen3 device) http://www.mediafire...15klvs6vs2mdcy3 MD5:9E9474BF7222D4619034E88CA2F6C5BA -M-MHMP-RLS7-Stock-Kernel.zip (fixes camera issue for Libra owners) http://www.mediafire...04vurjr39vvhxd0 MD5:F162994DDB8A98CAC0FD4E4A653E7850 -M-MHMP-RLS7-Malaysian-Stock-Kernel.zip (optional stock kernel from Malaysian update) http://www.mediafire...vv2dril62lhfr21 MD5:EE0FD8FB7F51ED5EB6D1D098AC41D631 -M-MHMP-RLS7-No-Battery-Mod.zip (removes battery mod, keeps notification power widget and power menu reboot options) http://www.mediafire...ota7tbwtb819l4w MD5:434B66B9CCEE4784872298093602FC04 -Toggle2G (see post #394 for download and installation instructions) Cheers
  13. Cheers guys, just bought the TeckNet Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh, hopefully it was last Glastonbury...
  14. That one looks like a good option, as it out camping for a week or longer, could buy more batteries to charge up the phone. I wonder, how much charge will 4 batteries give, i.e in comparison to the TeckNet Dual which is stated "5000mAh 1.5A Output"
  15. Could you provide a link to these? Off to Glastonbury and will need something to charge my ZTE whilst there. Figure best getting something that will outlive the life of the phone i.e. can be used with other phones, iPods etc. Cheers
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