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  1. If you use the official flash method, then it won't be rooted after flashing. You have to root again.
  2. Here are: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/index.php?/fi.../10-wallpapers/
  3. Here are: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/319...pulse/page/320/ #326
  4. If you want a2sd, you need the OC kernel. here: #326
  5. Houston! Houston! We have a problem! I installed cyanogen mod, and Elegant steel (for cm6). But messages in status window are black: everything else OK:
  6. try the lithium music player.
  7. Thanks! Step 10: You'r right! I forgot! :) And what's about FAQ question?
  8. first: I'm sorry, but I haven't seen, your copyright message. I made a hungarian translate from your guide. Do you agree to publication? Thanks for your work. This is great job! But I found some little mistake. 1 in Installing A 2.1 / 2.2 Custom Rom page - Flibblesan's FLB MOD 1 download link is old (flb 1.6a), - Flibblesan's FLB MOD 2 download link is wrong (flb 1.6b), - Step 10 in the wrong place. If I flash the rom before partitioning, my data will be lost. 2. in FAQ page - Question: When using SWAP I can't Toggle USB!? I think this issue has affected only the swapper2, when I use swap partition, I will be use USB connection too. (in swapper2 has a "Safe Unmount/Remount" option, to avoid this problem)
  9. This is my time killer: :lol: simple, but very addict. :) Alchemy
  10. Google solved the SMS error, and will fix it in next Android release: "Comment 29 by lennart, Sep 17 (2 days ago) I am happy to pass on that according to my source at Google, this bug has now been fixed and will be available in the next release of Android. Thank you for helping to bringing it to their attention."
  11. I think, found the best ADW theme for Elegant Steel. :lol: The name: ADWTheme One Pictures from my phone:
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