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  1. The best way to have it running smoothly is to Wipe cache > Format internal sd > Wipe data Mine really fast now
  2. You don't need lag fix with jpc ..... you really experiment lags ??
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but the kernel from JPC can't be for now rooted you have to downgrade kernel do all your "hacks" and flash back to jpc kernel There is a "pack" on xda but seems down for now
  4. I have mine since beggining of July and not even a scratch I dopped it several times from around 40-50 cm (near my bed on wooden floor) and I bought this really nice protection Because I don't want to have it scratched but I hate the ones that you have to clean an look ugly on my phone
  5. Hello almost everything in the title, I have a "worldwide" SGS and I would like to try new gps
  6. Wow so blazing fast !!!! Thx, you should have said that we had to allow su from adb on the mobile I had to find it out :angry:
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