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  1. Wednesday's aren't good for me, but any other day should be ok.
  2. I had this earlier if I rebooted into clockwork and ran the update from there. I restored the backup and ran the install from the rom manager gui and it worked fine. I did clear download cache and the flash clockwork recovery first though.
  3. CoPilot is pretty good. I do however use it on my HTC Desire rather than the Vega.
  4. I used clockwork recoverymod which is straight forward. You do need to back up the FAT32 partition first though and restore it after. Also note you may need to reboot the tablet a second time if you get a script error in link2SD when you run it.
  5. 400ixl


    I use Locale rather than Tasker. Main use is with the bluetooth add-on I set it so that when it is connected to my car stereo and on power it keeps the screen on. Did use it for wifi switching, but found it a bit unreliable for that so do it manually.
  6. It is an option I would be interested in. Keeping it as an option would be best as where I don't want features, I'd prefer to keep it as stock as possible. So a vote for including it, but as an option. Stu
  7. Yes, 16Gb SDHC cards are compatible with the Desire.
  8. For those stuck on the debug message, set the phone into debug mode: Menu Settings Applications Development USB debugging - Tick this Should work once you reconnect.
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