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  1. for 720 p : Nandroid First install/flash stream fix ownhere http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment...mp;d=1295686507 Install as apk this http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment...mp;d=1295871803 Now camera works with 720p with kind regards...Alex
  2. I flash all roms from recovery (not rom mgr) and full wipe before...after i restore apps with my backup or titanium...i did not restore any sd ext data...think it better to have it clean...and my not mixed from older builds ( one thing is the dalvik cache on sd...that can be your problem ;) ) with this steps i have no problems ;) :D with kind regards...Alex
  3. Normal...because this is the old clock...if you want it back again...flash the zip again ;) with kind regards...Alex
  4. :lol: :P :) :) ;) :o :o :P with kind regards...Alex
  5. Ahh...ok thanks for info :lol: with kind regards..Alex
  6. My own Expresso Style for 2.1 /2.2/ 2.3 updated with drag and drop helicopter + half transparent launcher :lol: : http://www.multiupload.com/KEAK5HPBVA with kind regards...Alex
  7. Changelog: Alex-V 2.3 - Data2whatever with swap support - added edify update script (for support to new clockwork recovery 3.X) - ram optimation new version online :lol: with kind regards...Alex
  8. think its a problem of rom build badnewz hd is also the newest build....have to do with the changes from htc... with kind regards...Alex
  9. its the same on all hd 1.72 builds...with this cfs test kernel i got no error: http://mirror.couttstech.com/android/index...ernel%2FTest%2F http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=91 maybe you can write a pm to coutts...what changes are made :lol: with kind regards...Alex
  10. its the same on bfs and cfs kernel...but htc changed stuff ...and i don´t know why if i use the older build i don´t get this error (and on every 1.72 hd rom i have this error...its not direct from this kernel...have this also with other kernels...with some coutts and neophyte test kernel´s its ok..) but here this kernel with the app is very nice...useful etc... :lol: :) with kind regards...Alex
  11. Are you on hd build 1.72....? It´s "normal" in this build...htc changed some stuff...with build hd build 1.32 and classic sense...it should run ok :lol: if i have more time..i will downgrade my hd rom to 1.32 with kind regards...Alex
  12. Sorry i forgot the link for this thread...will test it... with kind regards...Alex
  13. Any news :lol: This kernel is very interesting :) Can you include btrfs and all the other stuff that can be included direct in the kernel...maybe a test version..? Also a very nice config app...respect Thanks...with kind regards...Alex
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