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  1. Has our cm6 includ the cm6 bat fix? http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=984337 I also have the headset call problem. they can hear themself when they talking. without headset is okey .
  2. 你们有耳机打电话的时候,对方能听到自己的回音吗? Call when you have headphones, the other party can hear the echo of their own it?
  3. yes I can. you can download any wallpaper app from mkt .
  4. 我把andorid的时区设置成了+8,WM也是+8,可是每次进入andorid时间总比WM慢8小时。怎么才能让他们的时间一样?谢谢 I andorid time zone set to +8, WM is +8, but each time into andorid WM slower than 8 hours. How to make themthe same time? Thank you
  5. many thanks erikcas.you mod is work for I8000.many pepole in china use it . :mellow:
  6. Thank you erikcas! I have get the files ,and trying.. Do I must use you zimage ? if I use the beta3 zimage,what will happen?haha .. I want just replace the .SO file.May I ?
  7. Thx for u'r reply.I will try it on I8000.:rolleyes:
  8. I think under win7 ,you can't install beta3. because it has a linux swap ,and ext4 partition. ext4 only under linux,can be created. but ,under win7 ,you can ghost a installed beta3 image ,to you my storage partition. that is the only way.as i know..
  9. Can u upload the battery driver that you changed? thanks ,because my battery can't be charged too..
  10. I have the same eerro...the time on status bar sometimes doesn't work correctly
  11. are you shure you copy ext4.tar.gz to you my storage ? I was installed it .an it runs okey /
  12. I can't auto update frome beta2 in my sd card installed .the update installer can't creat ext backup ,and can't creat swap parttion. It ask me yes or no ,how can I press any key? trying full installing thx for update.. sorry for my english can't creat partition when I install it to my storage card , and now try install to sd card.. Istall on Sd card is OK.. thx again
  13. 呵呵,你以后可以当我们的翻译啊,确实有很多人在关注I8000的安卓。大家也非常支持你们的工作。相信更多的国人会来这里注册和讨论。我们做的大多为了让它运行得更稳定更易用。更适合一些新手使用。GHOST就是一个很简单的安装的例子。不用LINUX 不用分区直接可以安装到想要的分区上。很容易做。其实更容易用的是ISO模式的,不过BEta2开始,没有没有ISO了。都是在想让安卓更好用。LONGSIN,咱们在一个群里,呵呵,你是不是叫SIN?
  14. I am sorry ,my english is very very pool. The app is custom auto brightness.
  15. I get this app ,, downloadfile.rar

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