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  1. Yeah :P hold power and volume down for 10 seconds, it simulates a battery pull :) no matter what's wrong with the phone, it shuts it off :)
  2. Just tried to use whatsapp, it brings up a message about custom roms, and that my device cannot be identified, and whatsapp will not work on my device i'm using 007, it worked fine on 006 Edit: got it working after 4 battery pulls :)
  3. I think Trip will get around to it when he can, he's concentrating on getting CM9 fully functional, then he can just port the changes over to make this fully functional, we just have to be patient :)
  4. I know I'm Probably the only person to want this, but can anyone make a patch to enable the 3 on-screen nav buttons? I tried decompiling the necessary apk's but it won't let me recompile them :( if anyone has any advice/help, it would be greatly appreciated, this is why I want AOKP soo badly :P
  5. Been running this rom for about a day now, (006) and the reboots have stopped, everything is working as it should, its lightening fast! Other than the before mentioned screen rotation (going black mid rotation) and the in call volume not changing, its my daily at the moment, until Trip updates his AOKP build :)
  6. Cannot wait for this rom to be updated, it'll become my daily driver then :D I may even get you a beer ;D
  7. I don't know if its just me, but I keep having soft reboots, nothing too major, just annoying more than anything
  8. It doesn't show that its using 3G or H, but it is, I just checked my data usage, its sky rocketed after installing all of my apps on "wifi"
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