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  1. Same reason as you do Windows Updates. Generic security/bug fixes with a chance of new features. Check the change logs
  2. Interesting, could this be related to the fact that Bluetooth never autoconnects to my car stereo, instead I have to restart Bluetooth and/or connect manually? I'll try disabling wifi and seeing if it auto-connects
  3. Check your free storage space, and consider that it might not be downloading to the place you expect. Mine did that where the progress bar moved and then just inexplicably stopped and gave up until I cleared out some space.
  4. I notice lockscreen widgets come up *a lot* in the changelog. I don't use a lockscreen at all so I feel meh about them. But why are there so many changes?
  5. I get this all the damn time on my Y300. In my case it's Voice Search that opens (I'm on CM11) and I tried renaming the VoiceSearch.apk in /system/app/ (IIRC) but still it comes up. It's probably getting the contacts confused and triggering that third button on some headsets, but it's bloody annoying. If anyone has a solution - hardware or software - it'd be great
  6. I had exactly this issue on the stock ROM, pain in the arse. Haven't experienced it on the Cyanogenmod based ROMs though, although I understand that's a lot of hassle if you don't want the rest of what goes with that
  7. I'm on Dazzozo's CM10.2 and in Cyanogenmod Updates I'm being offered CM11. I'll try it anyway after a ClockworkMod backup, but should it in theory work to just do in in-place upgrade?
  8. I have a spare Y300, but I think I've left it on the boot screen too long. I now have "Huawei Ascend" burned into my screen! Is there anything I can do to get rid?
  9. Would this benefit from its own thread? Would be good to have a "Working", "Not Working", "Changelog" type thing. Either way, I'm flashing this on my spare Y300 later
  10. I was looking into this, it's been fixed upstream, so it'd need merging down. Pretty sure dazzozo is focussed on KitKat now though, and I know which I'd prefer!
  11.     My reason is that I'm trying to wean myself from Google for various reasons. FIrefox OS is the only Android alternative I trust, but till now it's always been on really crappy hardware
  12. If this can help me wean myself off Google then I'm going to give it a damn good go. I'm sure it'll be hard to adjust, but with the way Google is going it's probably worth it
  13. Just updated to the latest version. Woah, I forgot how good the colours used to be on stock!
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