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  1. Doh! Should've looked for something like that! Cheers!
  2. Is there away to access my phones file system? I've found where toput ringtones and notifications and was wondering if there was a way to move stuff fromthe SD to the file system without reinstalling everything.. ta peeps
  3. Is there a way to install the a2sd script without reinstalling a fresh Rom... I'm using a 2.1 Rom from the kitchen minus sense and some of the standard rubbish... using home++ as my launcher... thought is included a2sd but don't have the option to shift stuff over... Any way to do this easily or would it be easier to start again? Was running a 2.3 Rom but not happy with it... Also keep getting com.HTC.bgp closing... this anything to do with it?
  4. Reet... is this still available? taking about 10 mins to come back with that... any idea's peeps? it's for a htc hero not a desire like the previous chap... any help greatly appreciated!
  5. is anyone other than vllainrom working on a 2.2 gsm port for hero? looking for a few tweaks to the rom I've got, i don't know how to do it. Thought I'd check here first.. :D
  6. shugs81


    rummaging through amazon i found this.... clicky although it's chinese crap it's running android 1.6 and a 7" screen with similar specs to the hero... just wondering what peeps think as i may get one next week.... and might it be froyo-able?
  7. Think i might give that one a go... have heard that it's really fast too... just need to try to sort out the dodgy 32gb memory card out.... :)
  8. any one? I'm using launcher pro which is ok but fairly slow running.... didn't keep sense for long so not sure how that runs now but sits at around 91mb free ram in taskiller where as with base android it was sat at 115mb... not sure how much of a difference it makes... also keep geting com.htc.bgs(??).com failures... anyone know what they are... not 100% on the name now but will post it when it comes up!
  9. XP is my saviour once again!!! downgraded on first attempt... damn you windows 7!!! anyone now where to get the launcher apk so i can bin sense? and how to get 7 homescreens?
  10. so i start with windows 7drivers then change to vista drivers? how can i tell which ones are installed? think i might go back to xp...
  11. I tried the goldcard method... I have the image on my SD card... connect it up to the pc and what normally happens is when I run the ruu exe file it gets to the bit where it reboots to the white screen on the phone and I either get error 170 or 171 if it gets a bit further.... i'm away from home atm so will probs have another go starting.g with renaming. the gold card.... in fact... I was using v 0.0.5 I think... would it make A difference if what version I use???
  12. right... getting annoyed now... http://theunlockr.com/2009/10/18/how-to-do...-can-be-rooted/ when tryingto downgrade get error [171], USBDeview also doesn't work... http://theunlockr.com/2009/10/06/how-to-se...ndroid-devices/ - apparently adb server is out of date. Killing... ADB server didn't ACK * Failed to start daemon * error: Flash rec doesn't work either... using windows 7 ultimate 64 phone version - 2.73.771.73CL#94055 release-keys i'm ripping what little hair i have left out.... wtf is going on??!?!???!?!?!? the ruu thing gave the error 171 after it rebooted the phonetothe white screen...
  13. if i'm getting rid of sense where do i get a launcher APK that will let me jut use android.... and how do i increase the no. of screens?
  14. Right... trying to root it now... following this... http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/27/how-to-ro...o-in-one-click/ the back up fails.... is there anything i can do to make it work?
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