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  1. hi friend, thx for your guide :( at the beginning, i failed to flash the rom under win7 although i had followed the training video. after try and error, i found that i forget to re-install the driver, and i think many people had skipped step 6... :(
  2. haha, me too, so i am still using now :( u mentioned u're waiting for 29017 and 21689, is that mean u will keep to cook i8000 rom? :)
  3. hi Rapid81, are u still using i8000, i am using i8000 with nobody & rapid sense or rapid semi-lite rom for over half of year. but i think samsung will no longer to release any new rom for i8000...
  4. i am using win7 (32bit) w/SP1 and can flash the i8000 rom when i re-installed the driver
  5. to all brothers who have the following problem : [setup] Windows XP [setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB) OnDeviceChange \\?\USB#VID_04E8&PID_6619#5&38cb1846&0&2#{25dbce51-6c8f-4a72-8a6d-b54c2b4fc835} i also have this problem and i found that i have to re-install with driver provided in post #1, then i can flash the rom in win7 (32bit) USB_Driver_X86_32bit.zip ( 65.34K ) USB_Driver_X64_64bit.zip ( 59.43K ) a similar example just like this http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...4bit-windows-7/
  6. i just flashed the rapid sense 6.5.3 and can support chinese, maybe u need to flash another CSC and try try ;)
  7. hi rapid, i am using your JJI TF3D rom and very satisfactory, it is happy that if you create the TF3D and Sense 29007 version too ;)
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